Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Latest from Las Vegas

Here is some of the latest from Las Vegas.

Lots of people have gone to see the Grand Canyon, and however they got there and back, they have all agreed that it was worth it. Lavonne, Mary, Kim and I (and some others) went by coach which meant a 5 hour drive each way, and a very expedited approach to meals and shopping. Nonetheless, 6 of us walked along the edge of the canyon and peered over the edge - some of us closer than others! We saw lots of changes of light, which made the canyon change colour frequently. We also saw condors soaring up on the thermals - they seemed to stand on the air! Some of the tops of the surrounding mountains had snow, already.

Others have been trying their luck at the slot machines - and some have done quite well! Others are still working on earning enough points to get a Sweet Adelines water bottle! It's quite amazing to get down to the foyer early in the morning and see people playing away.

Still others are enjoying the hotels, the shopping, the Harmony Bazaar etc. The shows have been popular, and the tour backstage at Bally's was really interesting apparently. There was stage make-up demonstration and it seems that we will never put our eyelashes on in the same way again.

Yesterday we had our first rehearsal and then joined North Metro. After we had finished singing 'Your song' to them, the entire room was in tears. Luckily these were described as tears of joy and love, which only being a Sweet Addy would explain.

There are two rehearsals today, and so we won't get much chance to see the Quartets semi-finals.

I'll try to send you another message before too long!

Love from everyone here,


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