Sunday, May 29, 2011

Carnegie Hall - The Home Stretch

Bus #1 has arrived home - Bus #2 is leaving Cracker Barrell in Cicero! Everyone is frantically adding up receipts as the next stop is Canada Customs! Some are fretting over Canal Street back alley purchases - you sure don't get receipts for that! Expect this crew won't be the first to come through with unreceipted purchases so they needn't worry!

The buzz is back!! Many slept off and on between NYC and here but the combination of a Cracker Barrell fix and being about 3.5 hours from home has given us an added burst of energy!

So my friends, the time has come to end this blog! It has been fun chatting with you - hope you enjoyed the ride! Pictures on Facebook are next!!!

We made it there - we can make it anywhere!!

Chorus Candids
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