Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Carnegie Hall - The Preparation

It all started after we returned from our summer break 2010 when Sandie and the Management Team came to us with the news that we had been invited to sing at Carnegie Hall. What an exciting opportunity! We were sent home to think about it and by the following week 65 of our 90+ members signed up for this chance of a lifetime. And the planning begins!!!
Liz Gibb took the lead on making all necessary logistic arrangements with Mid America Productions - housing, rehearsals and schedules - you name it, Liz coordinated it. She has done a phenominal job - and without even breaking a sweat! Thanks so much Liz - you are the best!!
Sandie kept our priorities straight and started gradually introducing new music in the winter as to not interfere with our primary goal - putting our best performance on stage in Syracuse in April 2011 - and we did!!! Insert side cheer here - Canadian Showtime Chorus receives their highest score ever - 651 pts !!!! Not too shabby A!!!

Since late winter, Sandie has been in regular conversation with Denis, the Carnegie Hall show producer regarding the line up and other show details. We are delighted to be the headliner for the show, performing last on Friday, May 27th!! She has put together a fantastic set and we are very anxious to take our audience on a journey through the seasons!! How blessed are we to have such a creative director!!

Tonight we head to our NCAC (Nepean Creative Arts Center) hall for our final rehearsal at home. Wendy Porteous and her RahRah team have done a fabulous job at turning our hall into a pictoral New York landscape with pictures; red, white and blue garland; top hats and boas and even an I LOVE NY poster board with face cut-out for pictures! They have done exactly what they were set out to do ... raise the hipe and excitement in the hall and pull this team together as we head off to what will no doubt be a memory we will cherish and hold forever.
I will keep feeding you tidbits between now and our return from New York next Sunday. Today is Tuesday, May 23rd. Most of the gals are packed or at least partially packed and getting last miniute things done today before we leave tomorrow morning - two coach buses will depart the NCAC at 7:45 am. We have three planned stops along the way and we reach our golden destination tomorrow night! CSC Sisters that are staying home - we will miss you and we will each take one of you on stage with us! This blogs for you! xoxo
Today, I head off to the Spa in Bells Corners to get a pedicure & manicure and then go on to Mahogany's in Stittsville to get my hair trimmed this afternoon. As I said, final rehearsal tonight then we take this show on the road!!
Pinch me cause this must be a dream! Oouuuchhh! Nope, it ain't a dream!!!! Keep watching this spot!!!!

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