Sunday, May 29, 2011

Carnegie Hall - The day after

Our last conversation ended after the dinner cruise I believe! I don't think I necessarily did the Carnegie Hall experience or the post Carnegie dinner-dance cruise full justice!!

I failed to tell you about the buzz of sharing a large dressing room with the other performing choruses and Sandie teaching them the Pizza warm up song and Darlene Rogers teaching us a 4-part round! Cool to sing in such large numbers! I also failed to tell you how wonderful Denis - the show producer - was! Nor did I tell you about Sandie getting a private tour of the VIP green room - I know what your thinking - why weren't WE in said green room ;) - she saw pictures of the likes of Louis Armstrong staring back at her! I've used the word before ... Awstruck! Yes, our Sandie was! We giggled at a few odd things she did - like her bending down to pick up a streamer off the floor before we sang Thriller; when she should in fact have been counting us in! Since I was visually directing the chorus in this song I was particularly interested in this count in!!!! All worked brilliantly in the end! Lol!! I also failed to tell you that we were given 15 minutes to change out of our costumes and into our evening attire of choice. We panicked at the thought of having so little time but by gosh 10 minutes was really all we needed! In fact, a few of the girls only needed five!! Impressive I know!

Cruising was so lovely! I further failed to tell you how breathtaking the Statue of Liberty truly is! One can only imagine how all those immigrants felt when they saw her welcoming wave! Spectacular!

The buffet dinner was welcomed by all as mere snacks kept us going from lunch until 11pm!! The minute we wolfed that down we took to the dance floor! Audrey danced - Joan Shearon shook what her momma gave her - Mardi and Kathy did the mumba - Alynne and Sue V sure can jive - a couple of the hubby's had to profess their love to Meatloafs Do You Love me --- and Nicky's son Ryan stole everyones heart, Well, you get the idea!! We rocked the place - in fact, the DJ told us the cruise just before us had college students on board and he said we put tbem all to shame - they weren't anywhere near as lively as us!!!!!

We arrived back at the hotel around 2: 15 am! Some stayed up well beyond the time a normal person would - but then we are Sweet Adelines!!

Today was all about exploring and shopping! Tonight is about Broadway shows! Billy Elliott, Wicked, Mary Poppins, Priscilla Queen of the Nile Desert!

Talk to you from the bus on the way tomorrow!

I can't believe it is almost over!!

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