Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Queens Reception - Tuesday

Started today at the briefing and some lovely, encouraging words from Spritzer.   A heads up to the webcast watchers that we will be singing ten minutes earlier than scheduled.  Hurricane Sandy, no relation, is wreaking havoc and several quartets and choruses are still without all their working parts.  Just about to start our second rehearsal of the day.  We will start by gathering round the steamer.  Gracie still struggling a bit but bless my little machine!!

We are hoping to follow Spritzers lead and watch the Harmony Classic in our jammies on Noras iPad, with room service!  6am will come very early as we are now contestant number three.  Silly time of day to be putting on eyelashes.

We are sending good thoughts to Orangeville and Saratoga Springs for a great experience tonight.  We had a great time at the Queens reception and this is us with our personal Queen Carol Anne Bagley from Jubiliation.

PR is doing just fine as we move toward the stage. Exciting time!!

Chorus Candids
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