Saturday, November 03, 2012

Saturday already!

Okay the last couple of days have been a blur!  All the adrenaline seems to have leaked right out our feet!  I think we can trust the quartet to be around sharp objects now but it was touch and go for awhile.  :).  40 is NOT the new 20!

The quartet finals were wicked exciting and we are so proud that Spritzer is back in the top 10. They have been so generous to PR, they are certainly #1 in our hearts.

And now for the really big show!  My favorite, the chorus finals. We will head out early as Metro is first. They were awesome on Wednesday and they are so excited about showing us this package!  Can't wait.

Nora has gone home early to play at the funeral of an old neighbor.  I'm thinking of pulling the fire alarm to check out possible roomate candidates!  Think about it, you'll get it!

One more blog after the chorus contest and then I hang up my finger!

Have a great day to all at home and GO METRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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