Sunday, January 19, 2014

30 Years Young

Canadian Showtime Chorus began it's journey 30 years ago this year. Sandie had a vision - with boundless energy, determination, drive and talent she brought us to where we are today! A world class chorus.

We are still on a high from Hawaii. Our placement may not have been what we hoped for but we have learned from the experience. We are proud of what we put on that stage and with the help and guidance of our coach Joe and our amazing director and founder Sandie, we are back in the saddle and riding our way into the sunset!

As for many, last Tuesday was our first rehearsal back after a well deserved long break following Hawaii. We celebrated our birthday - watched our Hawaii performance again - and talked about the road ahead. Where do we go from here? How do we break out of this level? What is it going to take?

Well as luck would have it we had coach Joe in the house on Friday and Saturday. He and Sandie had a plan! It was time to nit-pick - work on the minutia! How great that we are a chorus of that caliber! It was time for each member to see and feel where she fits - to see what she needs to bring to the table to bring this fabulous chorus to the next level! Coach peeled all layers and made us perform by row. Full exposure! Did we feel nervous? Vulnerable? A wee bit scared? Absolutely! Was the end result worth it? You better believe it! The membership was open and honest with one another and the exercise and experience strengthened the team. Having every member step up to the plate and give it her all - every time regardless of which neighbourhood she was singing in - resulted  in a powerful force to be reckoned with! We are so on our way!

Our journey continues - the destination has changed but the goal is the same. We are aiming for another chance to strut our stuff on the International Stage and break into the top ranks. Is it bold to say it? Not a chance! We are proudly Canadian, polite and modest but we have our game face on - ready for a 'trunk' party so to speak (you know - tail gate party style!!) - full of Canadian pride and Canadian Showtime spirit.

Continuing to love this hobby! Canadian Showtime Chorus - part of my day to day - part of my heart and sole!

JD Crowe xo

Happy New Year.  Have a great 2014!

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