Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sweet Adelines International Competition - Vegas II

MGM Grand - Las Vegas, NV: The room I am in is almost identical to last year’s when I was here with my besties – Canadian Showtime Chorus! Restaurants, shops and bars are pretty much the same (except Bar Rouge is gone); the people watching is still great; the running into sweet adelines friends from all over the world and collecting hugs is as uplifting as ever. The walking doesn’t seem as far somehow – maybe because it is still familiar and it feels like we were just here yesterday! But what is greatly missing is YOU, Canadian Showtime Chorus sisters and my East Coat Connection – family and friends from home that I shared this experience with last year!!

Attending a couple of chorus rehearsals this week has put me right back to our own rehearsals last year CSC! Remember the nervous energy; remember the focus; remember the excitement!? I relived it all! And I can’t wait to experience it again next October when we return to the MGM for Vegas III!!

I am coming home with a few ideas to make our experience at International even greater! I have been in observer mode and although only a couple of days into this amazing week, I’ve seen great ways to remain forever connected in this massive venue that comes with so many distractions! Whether we are heading for rehearsal or getting ready for the big day, there are ways we can remain connected, little tricks to make us feel like we are one, that I am anxious to share with you!

I attended the Christchurch Chorus and Rönninge Show Chorus Around The Globe show in one of the ballrooms last night! All of them on the risers at the start and at the end of the show was an amazing site and sent chills up and down my spine when they rang We Are Family and Harmonize the World!!  Check out the globe – they could not live further apart – yet they came together as one!! They premiered their contest packages and all I can say is WOW!! This is going to be an AMAZING contest! Competing quartets from both of these inspiring regions, 32 ad 35, were also featured. For the $20 admission fee, it was some of the best entertaining you will ever find on the Las Vegas Strip!! Don’t you think that would be a GREAT way to start our contest week here next October CSC??? Something to think about!!!

What fun!! And it’s only Tuesday!! I bump into a few more Region 16 Sweet Adelines every day. Can’t wait to see the rest of them at our Regional Pep Rally tonight at 10:30 pm, Room 313/316 of the Conference Center at Buffalo Gateway Chorus’s rehearsal! I attended the Region 34 (Australia) Pep rally last night as I am now an honorary member of that region thanks to my friend Cheryl Benson who I have been friends with for 10 years but only met this past Friday night!!!!! They Facebook LIVE streamed the rally for everyone back home! I am going to attempt the same at ours tonight!!

I will miss you at rehearsal tonight but certainly hope you will manage to tune in to the live Webcast that starts tonight! I am excited to anchor the quartet semis on Wednesday and finals on Friday. Hope you’ll be watching! I will wave!

Miss you CSC! Wish you were here!

How I LOVE this hobby and all the opportunities and privileges that belonging to this amazing organization has given me! I AM SWEET ADELINE!! xoxo

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