Thursday, May 26, 2011

Carnegie Hall - Border Crossing

What do you get when you park two buses in the parking lot of the duty free - a mad dash for the 'refreshments'!!! Some traditional items picked up too - sunglasses, watches and licorice!!! It's an absolutely glorious day so we all stood outside our buses for a bit - long enough to snap some pictures! This is going to be one well documented trip!!

The highlight of the trip so far was iPhone 101! I am delighted to introduce the latest graduate Sandra Jean Nason! She can now text, take pictures, view them and clear or change her wallpaper picture!! Star pupil!

Passports collected, checked and returned to each of us! We should soon be on our way!!

Next stop - Courtland NY for lunch!

Move that bus .... Move that bus!!!

Chorus Candids
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