Thursday, May 26, 2011

Carnegie Hall - Off-roading

It happens to the best of us! Our driver took a wrong turn somewhere in Pennsylvania and we ended up on a dead end with no way back but in reverse - with another bus immediately behind us! Made for an interesting retreat! Our drivers conferred and detoured around and back to the turnpike! On the road again!! 15 minutes later we were in Moscow - but darn it all our planned stop was non existing! Kays was no more!! We doubled back and stopped in a parking lot in Mount Pocono or something - stretched some - got drinks at McDonald's - others popped into K-Mart. A 20 minute stop and some of the gals didn't walk out empty handed! I know - champion power shoppers! And yes Nora - Sandie came out with a bag!!!!!!!

Photo op with most of the gals in the shot, back on the bus for the last leg of the trip!! NYC is in our very near future!!

So go on - move that bus .....

Chorus Candids
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