Friday, May 27, 2011

Carnegie Hall - Show Day!

We had a great rehearsal this morning! We are missing the CSC gals that had to stay home but we took the concept of each bringing a member up with us because over the last couple of days our sound has grown tremendously!!

We were released at 11 to grab lunch, rest, prep and get our show faces on! We gathered at 3:30 for a formal photo, had another lobby show and boarded our buses around 5 to get to the venue we have been dreaming of for months now! Carnegie Hall awaits!

Awestruck! Yup, that pretty much describes how we felt when we walked out onto that stage! Wide step straight wood risers are centered on the stage! The mic is off center but none of the emcees will use it - the acoustics are that grand! We had 15 minutes so we did bits of a few of our songs to test the louds and the softs and a choreo number for good measure! What a feeling to stand there and look up at the opulence of it all! Yet it feels surprisingly intimate!!

We are the finale so we sound checked last! At the end of our set the other choruses will come back on stage for the finale! NY NY like you have never heard it before!

The buzz in the holding room (all 4 choruses are in here)! Soon time to remind the ladies to turn it down low! Focus ladies! We are still a couple of hours from stage time!

I will reach for my BB as soon as I can after the show! We have 15 minutes to change into our evening for our dinner cruise on the Hudson tonight! On the bus to the Pier maybe!!

Wish you were here! Pictures to follow!!!

Tchaikovsky, Judy Garland, The Beatles and now Canadian Showtime Chorus! Yup, we have arrived!!!!

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