Friday, May 27, 2011

Carnegie Hall: practice practice practice!!

We were not hard to find this morning! Looking sharp in our sparkly white shirts and colorful shells, we made our way to the rehearsal hall in the hotel! The show producer was with us the entire time and went over all of his expectations! We went through all material but not in the set order - rehearsed some of the speaking parts as well! We quickly got our bearings and finished the rehearsal on a high knowing we had delighted our audience!! We then scattered but didn't venture out far as we had another rehearsal at 12 noon with the other choruses (Texas Harmony and Chisholm chorus and Oklahoma chorus). Always love watching other choruses sing as more often than not you'll hear a great song that you want to bring home to learn! That happened today!! I'll be darn if I can remember it now but remember I will!!!

As planned, we had a joint rehearsal to plan out the show finally with all choruses - singing NY NY! It is going to be great fun!!

I was particularly excited to see 1 pm roll around as my peeps were going to meet me in the lobby! Linda, Juliette (my sisters), Yvonne (my aunt) and Mel and Kim (my cousins) traveled here from New Brunswick and Alberta to see CSC on the big stage! I am so excited to have them here!

What should we do until the buses arrive to take us on our tour!! I know - how about we sing! We drew quite the crowd today and had many people taping us and taking pictures! What fun!! So great to have an appreciative audience!!

Box lunches got distributed and we head off on our bus tour of NYC! Our tour guide was passionate about this fair city and certainly knew his stuff! One of the most poignant stops was Central Park's Strawberry Field across the road from John Lennon's home where Yoko Ono still lives!! The second impressive stop was Ground Zero - I can't even begin to describe how that place made me feel! So tragic but also so great to see the area gradually spring back to life!

Driving is crazy and you often come to a standstill! At one point when it looked like we'd never get moving again our guide took matters in his own hands! He jumped off the bus and proceeded to stop 4 lanes of traffic while our bus crossed the road! He jumped right back on and resumed talking as if this act of bravery was an every day occurrence!! Who knows, maybe it is!!

People freshened up after the tour and scattered for dinner and other evening activities! I ended up in Time Square with my family, the Wieczorek, Gail and Donna! Now that is what I call a well light area! Crazy wild!!

And now it's time to put my head down and get some sleep! Tomorrow CSC is on top of the heap! Carnegie Hall will soon be a memory and not just a dream!!!!

PS: our chorus Director was interviewed by CBC today! Will have to blog about that tomorrow after I get the details from her!!

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