Saturday, October 22, 2011

SAI Houston - The Big Big Show!!

Canadian Showtime Chorus has been fortunate enough to make it to the International stage 4 times and the excitement of it all was outstanding each and every time! I am very anxious for the day our name gets called on semi-final Thursday! It's gonna happen folks! I can feel it!!

Today is a large day for the top ten chorus finalists as by 10:30 pm tonight they will proudly walk off stage wearing their international champ medals!! I wonder what their morning routine encompassed today! Did they sleep last night???? Will they sleep tonight! Congratulations and a special good luck shout out to fellow Canadians Lion's Gate and to our sister's from a different director Melodeers and Pride of Kentucky - trying to recreate that expression brada from a different mada!! - directors to them - coaches to us!!!!

Snuck in some mall shopping with the roomies this morning while our director bought out Harmony Bazaar! Our other CSC sisters that stayed with Sandra Dillon - a former CSC gal now with Houston Horizon - are likely lounging by the pool!

It's a beautiful day in Houston and we are ready for the finals! Catch this amazing show on webcast if you can!

One more sleep and we go home - can't wait to share all we learned with our sisters at home!

Did I mention how much I love this hobby - this organization - this music - my worldly friends??? It's more than a hobby - it's a passion!!
JD Crowe

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