Sunday, October 23, 2011

SAI Houston - Sweet Adelines have left the city!!

What a wonderful week of song, friendship, laughter and harmony!! Some will be going home on a high as they will have realized their dreams! Others will leave just a little bit disappointed with their results but they should rest assured that this Sweet Adeline at least is proud of their accomplishments and lived vicariously through each of them! Very proud of our sisters in harmony, the Greater Kingston Chorus of Region 16 who caught the local news's eye - the screen was awash in a sea of pink as snippets of their live performance in the semis was featured on the news! Lions Gate was featured as well with an interview with their enthusiastic director Sandie Maron! Very proud of my fellow Canadians!

It was an early morning for some in room 1610 this morning. Nicky was singing in the shower by 5 and was out the door by 5:30. I was out the door an hour later and now sit at the gate in Houston waiting for my flight out. Liz and Nancy got a bit of a reprieve!! I am here WAY too early as I was shifted from a 10 am to 11 am departure time but I am okay with that - no running in heels for this chicky today!!!!

And here ends the journey - for this time! My roomies and I are already talking Denver! I highly encourage all of you to consider going! The education value is worth gold (if you get my drift)! Come play, sing and share in the joy (I stole that from Scottsdale!!!) You won't regret it!

Thanks for following our escapades this week! It almost felt like you were here!

I'm sufonsefied (great word but how the heck is it spelled? Mountain Jubilee could help!!) - loved every minute of the week - but am ready to go home!

Roving reporter Crowe signing off until the next event!!!!

Hugs xo
JD Crowe

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