Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SAI Houston - Quartet Semis

Saw Stephanie of Here and Now last night. She looked very calm and relaxed. She said she and her quartet sisters were in a great place and that they were ready. Watch for them today! Region 16 is in the wings ready to cheer for you - first out of the gate! Go Here and Now Go!!

Yesterday was a terrific day. The wind was howling, the sun was shining - a bit chillier than expected and a wonderful day all around! The drive to Galveston was easy and the walk in the water and on the beach the best!! Talked to some of the shop owners (yes - we went shopping!!) and the town is rebuilding! Ike was a devastating force but they are a strong people and they are coming back!!

We are off soon to browse through Harmony Bazaar. Of course we are going to browse and shop but my favorite part of the walk through is seeing so many friends - some that we see at contests only! What a wonderful world this be!

I will post status updates every so often! Hooking up with the other CSC girls aleady here soon - Carol, Kathy, Alynne, Sue, Margaret -- Nicky and Sandie are in transit today. Can't wait to share this experience with them too.

Oh by the way, it is worth mentioning that these fun loving gals from Region 16 are on the 16th floor of the Hyatt. Apropos don't you think!

Wish you were here - catch the show on Webcast if you can!
JD Crowe

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