Monday, October 17, 2011

SAI International Competition Week - The Crowe has landed in Houston

Every Sweet Adeline alive lives for this week - whether she is a competitor or not!! Those who have earned their place on the big stage this week must be buzzing with excitement! Those at home unable to attend this week will be glued to their computers for a play by play on the Webcast of the various contests starting tomorrow. Others may very well follow my quick notes and status updates!! I can tell you without hesitation - I am giddy with anticipation of seeing all my friends and learning from every single chorus and quartet that walks across the coveted big stage!!!

I haven't had a travel day like this one in a long time!! Anyone who knows me knows I like to arrive at the airport VERY early! Early morning flights often result in the check-in desks being closed when I get there - but there early I am nonetheless!! Certainly what I had planned for today too! Didn't quite work out that way!! There was no line-up at the desk - that's good - the attendant was very pleasant - that's good - after swiping my passport through she very calmly says, oh, you are 10 minutes late; I'm going to have to call the ramp; and there's a long line-up at customs - that's not so good!! Run JD Run!!!! I broke a sweat, got to the gate, got on the flight and went - hey, wait a minute - I'm not on the 6:30 flight to Chicago - I'm on the 7:00 flight to Chicago!! What the hell - I'm going to Chicago, I'm sweating and I'm buckled in!! I'm going to Chicago now!

Regardless that one has loads of leg room in the emergency row, when you're wedged in a middle seat, who cares about the stretched out legs!! Two and a half hours went by surprisingly quickly so no worries really! Met a couple of Sweet Adelines at the luggage carousel. In Houston 20 minutes and I had already made 3 new friends - they are with the Melodeers and the Choralaires - both choruses will be competing this week and I will be cheering them on loudly!!

It's hot! Very, very hot! The Hyatt Regency is a beautiful hotel - very posh and the lobby is swarming with Sweet Adelines holding doors open for you - stepping out the way to let you through - we are nice people!! Pity the moment had to be soured by the oh-oh look the check-in attendant had after swiping my card 3 times - who was more mortified I wonder - her telling me my card was declined or me! Without a doubt - ME!! Like a puppy dog with its tail between its legs, I haul my bags to a comfy cozy chair and after resisting the urge to crawl deep into the cushions, I called hubby in a panic. He was so sweet and comforting and said - turn your card over JD and call the toll free number - they will sort it out! That's it - that's all I have to do! I don't have to sleep on a park bench! So I called! Ah, I see you had an issue at the airport in Ottawa this morning - how in hell did she know I had to run to the gate - in heels - hauling 50 lbs on wheels and about 50 lbs in my backpack!! No no, not that she says - it looks like your card was damaged when you used it there (luggage charge - nothing is free anymore!) OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, I said, I knew that! Well long story short folks, the nice lady fixed my card, the other nice lady checked me in and the room is gorgeous!! All is good in my world!!

Walked around to get the lay of the land! Very manageable walk to the Hilton Americas (HQ Hotel) and the Toyota Center. There are loads of Sweet Ads around but not much in the line of activities for us just yet. Tomorrow is the day! Two of my roomies arrive later tonight (Liz and Nancy) and we'll bow our heads in silence as we will be missing our fourth - Nicky - who arrives on Wednesday.
It's going to be a great week! Can't wait to get my hands on the program - rehearsals rehearsals - so much to watch - so much to learn!

Keep watching this spot! There's more to come!!
JD Crowe

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