Sunday, April 29, 2012

Region 16 Contest 2012 - April 29

Cracker Barell breakfast stop on the way home is another of those traditions but first let me tell you about yesterday!!   Contest day for Canadian Showtime started early as we boarded the bus to the Plymouth Church for rehearsal at 8:30! Some gals had their hair up in curlers - others, like me had eyelashes on already! I have a routine here - apply the right eyelash first, then the left! The right went on beautifully - imagine my surprise when I put the left on and found that it was shaped exactly the same as the right giving me an off kilter look - kind of like an ostrich that went through a revolving door and got sturck in it and pushed out the wrong side! Yep, my new eyelash pack had two right eye lashes Mary Leat to the rescue - thanks darlin!!   Awesome rehearsal I'm told (I went on to the Civic Center to greet some of our volunteers). The day went on from there - make-up checks - quiet bubbling time - protein and lots of water to keep hydrated!!   And before you knew it, all contestants had graced the stage and it was Canadian Showtime's time! I LOVE when they arrive - my heart calms when Sandie takes my hand and walks with me to the Mirror Room!   Seeing ourselves in the large mirror always takes our breath away! Our red and white pantsuit really is quite spectacular! We sing intros and tags and do a wee bit of choreo until Shelley comes to get us to put us on stage!   We took the stage and put exactly what we knew we could on it! It felt terrific! Was it enough?? We held our breath through the annoucements of all awards until we finally heard those magical words- with a score of 636, the 2012 Region 16 championship chorus is Canadian Showtime Chorus!!!! Yay!! We made our way to the stage and hugged for as long as they would let us and then sang one more song for our warm and loving fellow competitors and audience members! After a short intermission we'd be singing 2 more songs on the Encore Performance! What a treat!!   I was further honored to be given the Nancy Field Leadership Excellence Award! Thank you so much for the nomination! So many great women, including our wonderful Director Sandie, won this award before me - I was lost for words when accepting this prestigeous award! Thank you - I do all that I do because I love my chorus and my region!   We were late for dinner but it was delicious! Sandie read the sheets - what terrific comments! We are well on our way to Hawaii in 2013!!   And then we played! Boy did we play! But as Bill would say - what happens in Syracuse stays in Syracuse so I will spare you the details! Pictures - oh there will be pictures so stay tuned!!   Bleary eyed and being chauffeured home by Bill! Is there shopping on the ride home? Maybe - but there is singing for sure!   Okay loved ones, we're coming home!   Oh, did I happen to mention how much I love my hobby!!??   XO JD Crowe

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