Saturday, April 28, 2012

Region 16 Contest 2012 - April 28

I missed writing yesterday but it sure wasn't because there was nothing to write home about!!    It was quartet contest day in Syracuse and the day started early. Three of us (3) of us left the hotel early and reported to the Civic Centre artist door for the Official Inspection of the stage, sound and light with the Judging Panel. Nicky sat in the best seat in the house as she was the Page sat in the pit with the judges! What a welcome and comfort for our competing quartets Beaujolais, High Definition and Phoenix Rising to look down from the stage and see our beaming Nicky! Liz Gibb was there as she is shadowing the A/V manager position on the convention team! She was the first to see our quartets today as she worked with the photographer at the Crowne Plaza as they came to have their official photo taken before they hit the stage. And I was there as the Chair and spent the day greeting the quartets as they made their way through the pattern and onto the stage! But that is not where our list of volunteers ended!! Thanks Belinda, Laurie, Carol and Suzanne for being our pit guards and doing your best to control traffic in the seats immediately behind our judges and making sure no one sat in the seats reserved for our competitors.   And now the excitement builds! Our three competing quartets took the stage confidently and the audience roared after each and every one of their performances. They looked beautiful and their sound was amazing. They were rewarded like this! Beaujolais came 15th , High Definition came 5th and Phoenix Rising came 2nd!! We are so so proud of them all but we are particularly tickled pink by the stellar performance of two brand new quarteters Nancy - the powerful bass of Beaujolais and Kelly the floating tenor and performer extraordinaire of High Definition! This was their first time on the competition stage - what a way to start! So proud of you all!!   Today Canadian Showtime hits the stage. We had a grand rehearsal at the Plymouth Church last night. That's another one of our traditions as we return there every year! And my favorite tradition of all, Sandie told us the baby bear story and Phoenix Rising wrapped up the night by singing a powerful rendition of It Is Well With My Soul! Gracie, you are incredible - there wasn't a dry eye in the house!   So there we found ourselves - back in our rooms to check our costumes - steaming and pressing every wrinkle in preparation for today. We are ready to take that stage! We are CSC - hear us roar!   It's time for eyelashes - enjoy the day CSC gals. I will be waiting for you at the Civic Centre. The highlight of my day will be when I hear the hydraulics of the buses around 4:30 and I see a sea of red and white pantsuits walking up the hall towards me!  I see you - I can hear you - come hug me!  xo

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