Thursday, October 11, 2012

Canadian Showtime Resumes CD Recording!

Night two! The quilts are up - the room is ready! The lobby is a buzz with activity! Even recording artists have day to day obligations - like signing up for Hawaii (yay - that's right ... Hawaii is a short 12.5 months away!!); putting in our orders for candles (a very successful fundraiser) and of course connecting with our sisters in harmony. Loving bonds - trust - shared passion - that's what creates the synergy that brings the music to life. And giving that music a heartbeat is exactly what we did last night!!

We laid down three more tracks! I am seeing a pattern here! Our first take gets the gitters out - we settle into one anothers sound - call it a warm up take! Sandie leaves the room after the first take and makes her way to Studio One to listen and get feedback from Joe and John! She comes back beaming and gushing over what she hears - and what she learns after each take from our amazing technical musician friends! She shares, we respond and we pretty much nail the next take! Often that is it - it's the final take - sometimes we need one more - but we shriek with delight when we get the thumbs! But we know what's coming next - Joe wants an insurance. So an insurance take he gets! Joe, Joe, Joe, you are getting to be soooo predictable!!! Love it!

Before you know it we are pulling down quilts, folding and storing! You'd think we'd had enough of singing for one night but you can still hear pockets of people singing here - quartets gathering there! Who can sleep anyway!!

So there is no question anyone could have missed feeling the love last night or proudly basking in a medley of  Canadian classics - enough to set my heart on fire!!!! Go on - take a guess at what 3 songs were added to the 4 from last week!!

Ah yes, without a doubt, I sure do love this hobby!!

Our CD producer Janet Cadman taking a peek at the make-shift recording studio!

she's glam!
what are they hiding back there!!
A chair drapped and fit for a queen!
Our team leader - she's sharp but not so good with sharp knives!!!! Boo-hoo!
Fine tuning!!
naptime anyone??

Hawaii??? Sign me up! Aloha!!

I was here!!

Our candle lady!

Costumer extraordinaire!

happy face!



beautiful dolls!

singing sisters





JD Crowe

Chorus Candids
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