Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tuesday night at chorus (Oct 23rd) was an extra special night! It was our first night back after recording our CD for three weeks running and it was a night of celebration! A send-off night as our very own Phoenix Rising heads off to Denver to compete on the international stage!!

Sandie is our dedicated, talented and gifted master director but as of 9:30 pm last Tuesday, she is not ours! She is a lead in a fabulous quartet that heads off to Denver to represent Canadian Showtime and Region 16 on the International Stage. She is the lead of Phoenix Rising!! She and her sisters in harmony - her best friends - Gloria (bari), Nora (bass) and Gracie (tenor) are off on the adventure of their lives. They have won many regional medals over the years and Sandie was on the international stage once with Tetra but this is Nora, Gloria and Gracie's first time up on THE BIG STAGE!! And their first time up together!! We are so proud of them and can hardly wait to watch them on the webcast. They will be in good company in Denver as Region 16 will be LARGELY represented! Spritzer will be there as will North Metro, Buffalo Gateway, Orangeville and Saratogra Sountrack! How blessed are we!!

About that celebration!! The dynamic and creative duo Wendy P. and Wendy H. outdid themselves with this send-off celebration. The cake, cupcakes and decorations were fantastic and Wendy P. presented Phoenix Rising with their gifts with flair and aplomb! She had us laughing until our sides hurt. The gifts were appropriate and fit the ladies to a T!!

We ended with an emotional rendition of Can You Feel The Love tonight, indulged in the sweet treats à la Wendy H., commiserated and hugged our wonderful Phoenix Rising until they could hug no more!!

With the pride of a mom seeing her child step on that bus on the first morning of school, we smile and wave and secretly shed a tear! We're that proud. Come back and tell us all about it!

I know I've said it many a time before but I am pretty sure that Phoenix Rising is saying it too .... how I love this hobby!!!!!!!

xo JD


photo frames for picture perfect performers!

the sweets!!

Phoenix Rising

bags full of goodies!!

whisker singing!!

ready for some R&R ... not yet!!

rowdy tenor!!

most certainly could feel the love tonight!!

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