Sunday, February 17, 2013

Up Close & Personal - Canadian Showtime Style

The hype started weeks ago and after our rehearsal on Tuesday the 13th, we knew we were ready!  Friday night was move in night in the Studio Theatre at Centerpointe.  Our riser crew flexed their muscles and rolled our risers in for set up.  Our show producer, Elizabeth Gibbs quickly set the wheels into motion - and action. She discussed her vision with Scotty - our long time stage manager at the theatre. The Studio Theatre is small and intimate - hence the name of the show. With all hands on deck, we got working on turning the space into a Valentines Day - CD Release - Hawaiian theme ... it turned out just great! Perfect backdrop to showcase our very fine chorus!
Saturday morning for many started at Jackie Roy's house - being the first show for our newbies, it felt right to gather and help one another through the many phases of transformation!! Thanks Jackie - you are the hostess with the mostess! Not a newbie but I came ready made so that I could take pictures and help with eyelashes where needed! What a great way to start the day!
The Canadian Showtime ladies arrived at Centerpointe Theatre around 10:30 on Saturday morning - call was at 11 am. We ran through the entire show and then sat back to touch up the make-up, have some lunch and get dressed for the matinée! Doors opened at 2:30 and at 3:00 we proudly sauntered out to greet our audience. We performed to a sold out house and had an absolute blast - up close and personal was an amazing experience for both us and the audience! The audience got to know a handful of the chorus members when several came up to introduce themselves and then their favorite song - all the while recognizing a loved one - many of the loved ones were in the audience which made it super special! Great job by all emcees!! We were rewarded with a standing O! What a great way to start the performance day! My precious in-laws were in the audience and my father in law said "I loved it - loved that I could see everyone's eyes - and I tell you, there wasn't a slacker in the bunch!".
Our evening show was as spectacular as the first - a second sold out show and an enthusiastic audience was our reward! We wrapped it up at 9 and we all made our way off stage to kick off the dreaded shoes! Liz and her crew quickly pulled the decorations down, the riser team, dismantled the risers and loaded them into a truck driven by our very own Maryanne Sprague and returned them safely to our rehearsal hall. Many went home for the night - several returned to Jackie's house for snacks and more singing - did I mention what a great hostess she is!!
A fabulous day all around - what a fantastic hobby we have. Thanks to all who had a hand in this wonderful day - thanks especially to the ladies of Canadian Showtime Chorus! Where on earth would we be without one another!
Now on to polishing our contest package and outgoing package for spring contest and then on to Hawaii! Have I told you lately how much I LOVE this hobby!
JD Crowe

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