Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Canadian Showtime's Journey to the Sweet Adeline International Stage

The journey started the day after we won our regional contest in the spring of 2012!! What a rush! With this win comes the privilege to represent our great Region 16 on the International stage in Honolulu Hawaii in November 2013!!! We are so excited - so proud!

How do you prepare 100 women for this fabulous musical journey! Well first and foremost you don't though the baby out with the bath water! We have a killer costume, killer songs, an amazing musical foundation, a vibrant and dedicated director and committed and hungry singers! So you build from there!!

A treasure of a coach entered our lives in November of 2012 - the amazing and world renown in the barbershop community - Joe Connolly! What fun - what energy - what a motivator - what a positive outlook and demeanor! With him came expressions like bulldog vowels, smiley breath, crazy look and niceties like - thanks for your patience, thanks for allowing me to nitpick, there's an awesome voice over here that might be a bit too rich for what we are looking for here! Heck Joe, are you Canadian! ;) With this initial Joe visit came powerful changes to our uptune and ballad - with his generous affirmations came a sound that moved walls - a sound we always knew was there - a sound we need to put out there every single time!!

The rampup to Hawaii is definitely on. Monday and Tuesday last (March 18 & 19) saw a shivering coach Joe in our rehearsal hall (he's not use to our cold winters) working tirelessly to build on the already solid foundation we have. He lit a fire under us and by the end of Monday night he had us believing! Believing in the dream of rising above all previous accomplishments - believing we can soar!

Our quartets - all 5 competing quartets this April in Syracuse - got to spend a couple of hours each with Joe during his stay! He is a genius and can take a great intro and turn it into a fabulous intro in a matter of minutes. What a treasure to have in our midst!!

Last night was our first chorus rehearsal post Joe! Sandy wrapped her hands and arms around all that Joe left us and brought us back to where we left off last Tuesday! What an amazing feeling - what an amazing sound!! Joe kept saying - plan to stay and play on the Big Island after contest cause we're not gonna see much of it until after Saturday night!! Yeah, that's right baby - the bar is raised - we're aiming high! We'll be looking for a second chance on that big stage on that big island! We know we can - watch us - we're on our way!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, yes indeed - I love my hobby!!


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