Friday, July 05, 2013

Canadian Showtime Chorus - Erin Howden in the House!!!!!

We've worked with Erin the Magnificent before but never have we coached with her at this level. We have grown leaps and bounds in the last year and a half under the tutelage of Sandie and Big Joe! Bringing Erin back into the mix is absolutely what we needed to complete this dynamic team! 

Benchmarking! That's how all coaching sessions start. It looks like this! We singers snuggle up on the rises, we physically and vocally warm up and we launch right into a couple of songs to settle into performance mode and then we launch straight into the contest package to show Coach where we are at! She makes notes, she pans the risers, she smiles and you can see the wheels turning at 100 miles an hour! Happy to report that she loved what she saw - loved where we had grown to - and loved that we were ready for her!

How exciting is it that we are at this fine-tuning stage!! We were like a fine pottery vase with already great shape and rounding but needing a few extra turns on the wheel to smooth and grow the character of this unique piece of art!!

Erin will be back for two nights in two weeks so tonight we focused on the uptune! It was all about our "playbook"! What did the arranger have in mind here - why did you think that was put there - is beautiful one syllable or three - show me open - why are you being asked to grow here - feather to leather!! To be and execute this sassy character every single one of us has to accept the challenge - I am in like Flynn - I know my chorus sisters are too!!

Reading those words might not make a whole lot of sense but combine that with the visual demonstration by this infectious coach, ensuing execution by the chorus and you have magic. Again combine that visual and that energy to the already solid sound foundation that we have and you end up with a product that guarantees success!

It was a scorching, smouldering day in Ottawa and the rehearsal hall was hot. Did we sweat - you betcha! Were we all in - you betcha! Did we want to stop at 10 pm when our time was up - no way! We could have gone beyond but our hall time was up!

There is always buzz and energy in the rehearsal hall at the start of the night - not often do you get the same buzz at the end of the night but it sure was present at the end of this coaching session!!

Welcome back Erin - you are one of the reasons I love, love, love this hobby!!!


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