Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A coaching we will go!

Canadian Showtime Chorus had the most AMAZING coaching this past weekend (June 21 - 22)!

The plan was this! Joe Connelly was to arrive in Ottawa in the late afternoon on Friday, strategize with our master director Sandie Nason over dinner and meet we eager singers in the rehearsal hall at 7 pm. Airline woes played havoc on that plan and our Joe got stranded in the Detroit airport for 7 - yes you heard me - 7 hours!! A texting frenzy ensued between him, Sandie and our Team Lead extraordinaire, Belinda (Bill for short!!). He did finally make it in - sometime after midnight.

The hall was available, the risers were up, the singers were eager - no sense wasting time. We coached with our fabulous Sandie on Friday night. We shook out the weeks' cobwebs and brought the sound to the level we wanted Joe to start coaching us at the next morning! It was productive - it was energizing - it was terrific!

And then it was Saturday! The buzz in the hall started early and the risers were full to capacity by 9am. We started with a Gangham style physical warmup à la JD and a vocal warmup à la Janet - our coach and director walked in on us half way through the vocal warm-up - a great way to test our focus! Like giddy school girls, we couldn't wait to greet our director and our buddy Joe!

With Joe and Sandie came in positive talk, infectious energy, killer dynamics and a renewed sense of accomplishment. We are by far the best we have ever been .... and it is only June!! Are we well on the path to reach our goal - you better believe it!!

And the fun doesn't stop there! Tonight (June 25) we coach with the incomparable Erin Howden! She will help us layer the visual plan on top of this incredible musical product of ours! It's a muggy and steamy day in Ottawa and that will translate into an incredible hot coaching night with Erin! And by hot I mean electric, engaged and energized!!

Keep watching this spot friends! There is so much more to come!

I believe I can fly - and you better believe this - I love love love my hobby!!!

JD Crowe

Chorus Candids
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