Saturday, October 19, 2013

20 DAYS to the International Stage

The excitement is building! It's 6 am on a Saturday and I should be sleeping! But how can I sleep knowing that in 13 days I board a flight to Hawaii for the most exciting - and privileged experience - a Sweet Adeline can have!

All costumes have passed inspection; the chorus handbook containing all the information we need to prepare for Hawaii ... packing list, rehearsal schedule, stage times and much much more ... is ready; we had an extremely successful dry run performance at our Regional Fall Music School a couple of weekends ago and today we have a coaching day with our very own Master Director Sandra Jean Nason a.k.a. Sandie!!

Our Fall Music School experience was just what we needed at this stage of our journey. How exciting that our Sweet Adeline International President Renée Porzel was the guest faculty that weekend. We were honoured to be asked to be the demo chorus for her class Physical and Vocal Synchronization. You can be a fabulous sounding chorus but without synchronized movement and engagement, you will fall short! Renee used us to demonstrate the difference to the audience and from their ROARing laughter and acknowledgement we knew we were doing it right .... or wrong .... on cue! We learned a lot about ourselves that weekend. It gave us an opportunity to feel the affects of adrenaline; the power of nerves and an exercise in maintaining focus. We came home knowing exactly what we needed to work on for the balance of our journey to Hawaii!

A performance on Saturday night in front of this absolutely fantastic Region 16 was la crème de la crème. We shared the stage with all of our region's international representatives ... One Track Mind Quartet, Running With Scissors Quartet, Enroute Quartet, Spritzer Quartet. The love and support we continue to receive from our sisters in harmony in Region 16 is overwhelming! The standing O's were spontaneous and from the heart. The compliments never stopped! What a journey this has been!! Watch out Hawaii .... Region 16 is sending 4 quartets (named above!) , a chorus (us!!!!) and outgoing international champion chorus North Metro. The next time we see them all - and all of the other Region 16 supporters on site - will be at a Region 16 Pep Rally on Tuesday, November 5th in our rehearsal room South Pacific at the Hawaiian Village Hotel. Now that's an event not to be missed!! Oh joy oh joy oh joy!! I am so excited!!!

Our weekly rehearsals have been focused, strong and productive. We are reinforcing now, polishing, honing in all skills! This coming Tuesday we show off in full costume for our friends and family. There are a lot of us and a whole lot of them so we will do two mini shows on the 22nd - one at 7:30 pm and one at 8:30 pm - in our rehearsal hall at the Nepean Creative Art Centre. Come see us - you know you want to! ;)

And now for that coaching day with Sandie!! I know we'll get there and the hall will be souped up to look like a Hawaiian beach (thanks Wendy and team); I know the risers will already be up by the time we all arrive (thanks Riser Team - you are amazing!!); I know refreshments will be out for us (thanks hostess Danielle and team); I know the room will be buzzing with chatter and excitement (thanks CSC members!!); I know the sound equipment will be all up and running (thanks Mary and team); I know Sandie will be in the zone (thanks Sandie!) and I know that I love, love, love this hobby (thanks Mikey for understanding and supporting my passion!!)

Stay tuned folks - planning to keep you posted during these last few weeks before departure and all through our time in Hawaii! Feel in our excitement - follow our journey!

Okay sunshine .... it's Canadian showtime!!

JD Crowe

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