Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Record Breaking Numbers at Canadian Showtimes Hawaii Send-off

The house was full to the rafters! TWICE!

The ladies of CSC arrived with their garment bags, shoes and all 'scaffolding' in place! (that's what our Team Leader likes to call the accoutrements that we wear to complete the ensemble look!!). The Nepean Creative Arts Centre (NCAC) quickly became a sea of red! What a beautiful costume! What a fine looking group of women!!

Our family and friends started arriving early. The room was buzzing with excitement. We started the evening with our physical warmup to Roar by Katy Perry then on to a quick vocal warmup and on to the show! We started both contest songs to find our sweet spot and then Sandie explained the pattern to our audience. She explained how we will be brought to the contest venue in Hawaii, how we will be brought to a holding room where we make the final 'scaffolding' adjustments, bubble or loo the intros, and how we will focus to get in the zone and how finally we will be escorted to the stage for that magical 6 minutes on the international stage!

The reenactment started like this. The front row stepped forward and formed a human curtain directly in front of the audience. Our job is to smile at the judging 'pit', exude confidence and poise and distract the audience while the risers file off the risers to our parking lot 'holding room'. There, we went through the motions of preparing for the stage, the performance and formed our lines to re-enter the 'auditorium' and make our way to the stage. Again, the front row forms a human curtain, the risers fill and Sandie walks across, checks and adjusts the 'windows' and makes eye contact with every member all the while giving cues and reminders of greatness!! She then taps Santina's shoulder and the front row peels away and takes their place on the floor at the risers.

On the real stage in Hawaii, all of this is done under dim light but the chorus is totally visible to the audience so confident smiles are in and confidence and focus rules! Sandie takes her spot front and centre and gives the cue that we are ready! The pitch pipes are blowing!

Spot comes on the emcee podium. 'We are ready for our next contestant. Please take a seat. Contestant number 25, representing Lake Ontario Region 16, from Ottawa, Ontario, under the direction of Sandie Nason, the Canadian Showtime Chorus!' Roaring applause!!!!!!!!!!

We sang our first night contest package and then tried our night two package on for size! Well come on now - a girl needs to be ready right!! The bar is set high for the international stage and like 30+ other choruses from around the world, we have been training hard and have our sights firmly set on that Saturday night stage! We have surpassed our personal best - we believe we have what it takes. We just need to get out there and do what we know we can do!!

Our 7:30 crowd was delighted with our performance - WE were delighted with our performance - and we did it all again for our second round of family and friends at 8:30! It was a magical night! Canadian Showtime is so ready for Hawaii!!

We are very grateful for the support of our family and friends - we couldn't do this without you!! Thanks so much for all that you do!!

Keep watching this spot folks! One more rehearsal in our fine city and we are off to Hawaii!! Some are leaving today - one or two have left already - the majority of us leave mid to late next week. Get your island touring done early ladies - cause we won't have much down time on site! It's all about the stage! It's Canadian showtime!!!!!

Pinch me - is it real! You better believe it baby! It's real!

JD Crowe

Chorus Candids
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