Saturday, November 09, 2013

Canadian Showtime Breaks into Top 20 – in the WORLD!!!!!

We were aiming for the top 10 – and so were 32 other choruses!! We didn’t quite make it but we did give it our all and our hard work was evident. What a thrill to immediately receive text and Facebook messages from  our family and friends applauding our performance – congratulating us on a job well done – telling us how proud they were of us! To have them all stay up so late to watch us was humbling and very moving! Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

Were we disappointed? Of course! Were we upset? Not!! Were we proud? Absolutely! We’ve been working hard and smart for the past 18 months to hone our skills and perfect our craft in readiness for this precious 6 minutes on stage and we did the plan. We pulled the audience in – our ballad in particular touched many hearts! And if that isn’t winning, nothing is!

I looked back at our track record on the international stage and found that from our first experience in Nashville in 2002, then on to Indianapolis in 2004, Las Vegas in 2006, Nashville in 2009 and yesterday here in Honolulu that, setting aside the ranking, we’ve improved and our scores have gone up each time we crossed this magical stage. We’ve learned from each opportunity and we’ve become a stronger team.

We celebrated our accomplishments last night at an afterglow with friends and family on site. Sandie read the sheets, we snacked and toasted and sang until we could no more! We hugged, we laughed and went to bed drained yet – in the case of this blogger anyway – totally at peace knowing that we put our very best foot forward and that we did our job. ‘Just be as good as you are!’ And we were!!

Today was a large day for the Top 10 Quartet Finalists, which included Region 16’s very own Spritzer! Wearing our matching tunics and earrings, my quartet KeyRings! watched the entire contest. What a great opportunity to learn from the ‘big’ girls. It was an amazing contest and we were in awe! Spritzer did not disappoint! What incredibly talented, elegant and poised performers! 8th best in the world! Not too shabby – not too shabby at all!

The chorus finals are tomorrow – another learning opportunity. The world’s 18th place chorus Canadian Showtime, will be in the audience cheering on the top 10. It will be a fine contest!

Canadian Showtime’s journey continues. It didn’t happen this time but you can be sure that it won’t be long before it does! There is no doubt in my mind, one day soon we will be sitting at the edge of our seats after our semi final performance at international and we will jump to our feet when our name is drawn out of the top 10 silver bowl!!  We’ll be ready with our second night package!  And we will rock your socks off! 

JD Crowe    

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