Thursday, November 07, 2013

Canadian 'Showtime' Day!!

After having a FABULOUS rehearsal on the international risers yesterday afternoon and a final stint on the Lion’s Gate risers this morning (thank you LGC!), we are more ready than we ever have been for today’s semi final contest!

There is a different air about Canadian Showtime – there is a sense of determination – a sense of ownership – a most definite sense of accomplishment! The love fest continues!

Following more words of wisdom from master director Sandie and coach extraordinaire Joe Connolly, we parted ways for lunch and beautification! We are a team all the way – we help one another with hair, eyelashes and foundation – roomies stand in front of mirrors two by two, fourby four to ensure the intensity and darkness is the same. Then, to quote our team lead Belinda, it is time to put on our ‘scaffolding’ that helps tuck alittle here and tuck a little there! Then comes the beautiful red dress emblazed with fiery flames! I must say, we look stunning!!

I sit here now thinking of the members that couldn’t join us this time around. Facebook tells me that they are already glued to the webcast!  You may not be here in person chums but you are so very much part of our day.  We’re making room for you on the risers!! Hop on! Xo

This blogger is calm yet excited! I promised little signals to those watching from home tonight … a pigeon toe for my work colleagues … a wink for my family and a discreet thumbs up for my friends!

Keep watching this spot!! There is bound to be a couple of OMG OMG OMG notes coming your way soon after we get off stage!

And now, we are ALMOST ready for contestant number 25, representing Lake Ontario Region 16, from Ottawa, Ontario, under the direction of Sandie Nason the
CANADIAN SHOWTIME CHORUS! (insert roaring applause here!!)

JD Crowe

Chorus Candids
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