Saturday, April 26, 2014

Yes indeed! It is Sweet Adelines International Contest Season! Facebook says so!! We have been watching quartets and choruses post about their excitement and accomplishments at their respective contest weekends since March - we've been living vicariously through them and itching to get to our own stage! Lake Ontario Region 16's contest is next weekend (May 1 - 4, 2014) and Canadian Showtime Chorus is revving its engine for the final stretch!!

We've had a great prep period filled with energy and renewed focus. We believe! Coach Joe has left his mark and master director extraordinaire Sandie has picked up where he left off. We have grown leaps and bounds and we can hardly wait to get to Syracuse. As evidenced by the improvement with every weekly performance for the chorus, our competing quartets have been working hard too and will do a fine job at representing us on the contest stage next weekend. Go get em (in order of appearance) KeyRings!, Outburst and High Definition!!

This week at chorus we had a 'bling' it on night! We came out in all our finery wearing as much bling as we could muster! There is no way that anyone can ever accuse this group of not being game and willing participants when it comes to theme nights! There were blingy jackets, blingy shoes, blingy pants, blingy earrings - you name it, it blinged!! Winning tiara's were presented to the blingiest row; blingiest Vegas theme; and blingiest overall. What fun!!

Today we prepare for a final full day of coaching with Sandie. We will bring our A game! We will leave the outside world at the door and we will focus our energies on the task at hand! We will work hard! We will connect with our riser sisters! We will laugh at the 1984 pictures we are asked to bring in to commemorate Canadian Showtime's 30th birthday! We will love every minute of the day! We will leave strong and confident and ready for our stellar 6 minutes on stage next weekend!!

I often end my blog notes with something like - How I love my hobby! Well I share that passion with all of my CSC sisters! Bring it on girls! Today we put the cherry on top!!

Watch out world - CSC is in the house!! And now - we are ready for our next contestant! From Ottawa Ontario, under the direction of Sandie Nason - CANADIAN SHOWTIME CHORUS!!! ... insert roaring applause here! :)

JD Crowe

Chorus Candids
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