Monday, May 05, 2014

Canadian Showtime Chorus Breaks 700!!!!!

May 5, 2014 at 6:19pm

The journey to the 2014 regional contest stage really started in the spring of 2013 when we performed for evaluation only at our contest in Syracuse. This was part of our preparation, as we had in April 2012 earned the right to represent Lake Ontario Region 16 in the International Competition in Hawaii in October of 2014.  Although we didn’t get the result we had hoped for on the international stage, we learned much about ourselves and we came back stronger and more determined than ever!!
We set our sights on spring contest 2014! Our master director Sandie Nason and her musical leaders along with coaches Joe Connelly and Erin Howden went back to the drawing board to continue the layering! They had a plan and we were ready to execute it!
First and foremost, we started to believe! An audit program helped to identify areas that needed a little extra attention and we started to raise the bar on our individual performances. This helped us with our confidence and after weeks of focus and targeted coaching and guidance, we started to gain momentum. We expected a journey full of adventure with some uphill struggles, some plateau moments and the occasional down hill plummet –it is part and parcel – and we fully expected to see the result in our 6 minutes on stage but in no way did we think that it would throw us over the 700 score threshold!! That makes Sandie a Master Director 700!! Shut the front door!!!!!
Our time on stage was magical! It was one of those moments that made the audience jump on its feet – a moment where we didn’t have to ask Sandie or anyone else ‘How did we do?? We knew! We just didn’t know we’d score 701 points and take 2nd place to the amazing North Metro chorus who scored 751!
How exciting that this year Lake Ontario Region 16 broadcast it’s first ever webcast – we can go back and relive this moment for another 2 weeks by watching the archives – over and over again!! I can’t wait to watch our performance – not to mention Sandie and Belinda going up on stage to receive our award!! If I’m not mistaking, Sandie actually jumped for joy up there!! From the webcast balcony I could hear the screams of delight and see my fellow CSC sisters jumping for joy in the audience! Faces beaming, hugs galore, tears of joy – the excitement was infectious!
Our chorus dinner was one to remember! The buzz in the room was electric! At one point, the room started shifting! Pods of people were going from table to table to pose for group shots! There were photo-bombing opportunities all over the place! Table shots – roomie shots – quartet shots –shots with coach Joe – shots with Master Director 700 Sandie – silly shots –pretty shots – goofy shots! They all told a story – the story of our love, passion and dedication to our craft!! The love for one another! The joys of sisterhood!!
Sandie read the sheets and with every comment we screeched with delight! Such great comments  -terrific feedback  - great guidance! Everything we need for the next leg of this journey! Does that next leg include a trip to the International stage at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in October 2015 as a wildcard chorus?? That’s a strong possibility! OMG OMG OMG!!
We hammed it up for hours. We listened to amazing quartets who stopped by to visit as well as energetic and wonderful choruses who popped in too.  When midnight struck, we moved the party to a couple of rooms and continued to play until dawn. Yes, that’s what I said dawn!!
Sunday morning came way too soon! It was time to load up our cars and hit the road but not before our traditional Cracker Barrel stop in Cicero. It’s a popular spot with the majority of the Region 16 members and this is where we refuel and feed our bodies after the amazing rush of adrenaline! It is also where we hug our friends one last time before going our separate ways!
Congratulations to all those who crossed the stage this past weekend and special congratulations to all of the winners! Amazing – every last one of you!
Enjoy some quiet time this week Canadian Showtime sistahs –cause you know the journey has only just begun! I say BRING IT ON!!
Love, love, love my hobby!!
JD Crowe 

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