Sunday, January 25, 2015

You KNOW It Was a Great Coaching Session When ……

You KNOW It Was a Great Coaching Session When ……

……. you wake up late on Sunday morning – you scroll through your Facebook wall and find that you are not alone! Dozens of your Canadian Showtime Chorus (CSC) sisters couldn’t get to sleep either on Friday or Saturday nights – had a slow start on Sunday morning - and all of it was because of the dynamic duo Sandie Nason and Joe Connelly!!  What a luscious couple of sessions this weekend!

This round, I was particularly excited for our new members that our Team Leader fondly nicknamed the Diva Dozen! This was going to be their first coaching session since joining in September. I kept looking up for their reaction (yes – I was still focused!!!!!) and grinned from ear to ear to see the sweet sweat of success roll down their brow – they were getting it – they were doing it – initiation complete!!!! They were amazing and they left the hall loving Joe as much as the rest of us do!!

This coaching journey with Joe is a couple of years old now and like any other relationship it blossoms and evolves over time. The connection and bond strengthens with every visit and our respect for one another grows.  He is energetic, infectious, goodness gracious does he ever know his stuff – he is positive and motivates us to go the distance! And he’s funny!! He has always talked in ‘we’ and he has from the very start been part of the CSC Team but this visit our relationship has moved up a notch! We’ve become family! He is our brother!  You know – he’s there for us; he’s supportive; he’s a great role model, he believes in us and he wants nothing but the best for us! And we look up to him!

What more could we ask for? Well a sound and solid connection between our ‘brother’ and our ‘mothership’ Sandie would be nice! Well wow! Do we ever have that! They work extremely well together – like a fine oiled machine. The connection between them is obvious! There is a comfort level there that promotes success! Throughout the session we get told to “shake it out and talk to your neighbor” while Sandie and Joe confer over a segment. Minutes later they come back to us pumped over a new way of singing a passage or the addition of a swipe or a soft! Very, very exciting to watch!  And we do exactly what we are asked to do! Cause we can! We are working at such a higher level than ever before! Joe is nit-picking now – and how much fun is that!!

Don’t sit back CSC girlfriends! Don’t settle down! Review your tapes of the weekend sessions – own those subtle changes – solidify those tricky passages – perfect those couple of dodgy notes - prepare for your audits. You are heading to Vegas baby. And you know what they say “What happens in Ottawa …..” – well we have to keep a few secrets now don’t we!!

Pinch me, cause this can’t be real! I love, love, love my hobby!

Jeanne d’Arc (JD) Crowe

Jeanne d'Arc (JD) Crowe
Lake Ontario Region 16 Team Coordinator
Member of SAI Regional Liaison Committee
Member of Canadian Showtime Chorus

It’s More Than A Hobby - it’s a passion!!

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