Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's All About the 'Space' ????? Canadian Showtime Chorus Heads to Syracuse for Regional Contest

April 22, 2015 at 6:18pm

It seems like only yesterday that we came second to the amazing North Metro Chorus at the Lake Ontario Region 16's Regional Contest in Syracuse when in fact it has  been a whole year already since we broke out of the 600's and achieved our highest score yet - 701!!!!! Yes, that's right, I said yet!! ;-) Can't tell you how proud we were to wear our second place medal this past year and to earn a wildcard spot on the International stage in Las Vegas this coming October (2015!!)

It has been a great year of performances, coaching and in-house learning! We tried a new package on for size and we fell in love with it! It fits us beautiful and it is coming right along! It is early in the game and still a work in progress but ready for our Region 16 family! We will be performing for evaluation only on Saturday and look forward to the judges' feedback and comments. Their input will help guide us through the remainder of our journey to the international stage!

But today and tomorrow, it's all about the space!! Ya, that's right, the space in one's suitcase after all of the shopping that is happening ON THE WAY to contest!! This blogger left early this morning on somewhat of a reconnaissance mission! 

  • Happy to report that the Canadian Duty Free shop has brought in NEW goods especially for the musically inclined and, as they do every year, have a fabulous basket for a special Sweet Adelines draw. And of course - they have the welcome Sweet Adelines sign in the doors!! They are excited to see you and can't wait to hear you sing!!!
  • Happy to report that the Salmon Run Mall has a fresh facelift with many new stores!
  • VERY VERY happy to report that the Dress Barn has an excellent selection of colourful spring outfits at very reasonable prices
  • VERY VERY VERY VERY excited to report that DSW has arrived at the Salmon Run Mall!!! I KNOW! Plenty of sensible - and maybe not so sensible shoes to chose from!! I relieve them of 2 pairs only!!
  • Happy to read on Facebook that MANY are traveling today with dozens and dozens to follow tomorrow!

It's the beginning of an exciting couple of days! Canadian Showtime Chorus is excited and proud of their 4 competing quartets! In order of appearance: Absolutely; VQA; Outburst and KeyRings!! Go get 'em ladies!
Friends and family at home and around the world, grab a bevy and settle in front of your computer on Friday and Saturday and watch us live on Webcast
Keep watching this spot!! Blogger on the run!!
JD Crowe

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