Wednesday, August 19, 2015


 We started the night off with affirmations at rehearsal last night! Just like that little girl circulating on the internet standing on the vanity in front of the mirror - have you seen her? She boisterously shouts out affirmations! She loves herself! Hands on hips – hands in the air!! She rattles off dozens of affirmations! I love that!!

Well last night we tried it! We heard - I love my hair – I love this heat – I love our music – I love my chorus shoes – I love my riser buddy – our Director shouted “I love my tenor section” – I love my riser placement – I love this journey! It was uplifting and positive! A perfect segway to our physical warm-up where it was all about letting go and buying into the message of the song! Roar by Katy Perry does that for us – we become the tigress – we are proud – we are strong – we are champions. They say seeing is believing! Well from where I was standing, I believed every word, every move the wonderful women of CSC put out there last night!

We have terrific coaches in our lives that have helped shape us into who we are today. But it takes more than a coach to bring us to this stage of our journey. Absolutely, it takes the dedication and the commitment of each and every member on the risers but more importantly it takes a strong, skilled, creative, willing learner, trusting and giving Director to take you that extra mile! We are blessed in this regard. Our Master Director 700 (and one!) Sandie Nason is world class! She gives hundreds of hours to the cause, finds ways to inspire us, keeps us laughing with her quick wit, makes us feel when we don’t quite get the character in a song and sure, dishes out tough love when necessary - but always as a momma bear would dish it to her cubs – with love in her heart and a desire for nothing but the best for her family!  Thanks for all that you do Sandie – we aim to make you proud in Vegas!

It’s hot; it’s sticky; it’s a gorgeous summer! There are cottages; there are beaches; there are picnics; there are choices! But wherever possible, we choose to be on the risers ‘cause we are Canadian Showtime Chorus, eh (aka A!). Let’s keep it going singing sisters! WE can do it! We’re on the home stretch ….. VIVA LAS VEGAS!!

I love our teamwork – I love that we believe – I love my chorus – I love love love love my hobby!!!!
JD Crowe

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