Wednesday, August 26, 2015

CSC Walkers Make it to Vegas - and Back!!!!!

It's been a world wind for this blogger the last couple of weeks and the CSC Vegas Walkers have overtaken her by a mile! Walk Coordinator Nora McEwen provided succinct reports for the last two weeks and includes a little bit of rah-rah to keep us motivated and moving!!!
As reported on August 14th!!
Ladies! We made it, safe and sound, to Las Vegas! Oh, my goodness, what a wild and crazy town. Good thing we’ve done some walking “practice” cause everything seems far away in Sin City. No problem for a group who’s prepared themselves, though! Hope you enjoyed your stay in the city, with all it’s bright lights and razzle dazzle. Our homeward trek is much more scenic; we are 1600 +/- kilometres done on our way back to Ottawa. That means we’ve passed through Utah and Colorado (very picturesque!) and we’ve now stopped for a break in none other than North Platte, Nebraska. The Bailey Yard was fascinating! It is the world's largest rail distribution center and we could see train cars rolling down different tracks, waiting for their engine to pick them up. The viewing tower gave us a great picture of the yard and the docent was friendly and knowledgeable. Had it not been for the development of railways it is doubtful if the Continental United States would spread from coast to coast as it does. Apart from the north-eastern corridor and a few commuter routes, there is no real passenger service available nowadays, but the US still depends heavily on the huge quantities of freight moved by rail.

Last week, we (collectively) walked 1818.61 kilometres. Very good!! Team Spring/Summer logged the greatest distance, walking 716.79 kilometres. Well done, girls! The other teams weren’t far behind with tea Winter walking 553.38 km. and team Fall/Autumn walking 548.44. A super effort! We might make it back to Nepean for rehearsal on Tuesday evening if we put a bit of an extra push on in the next few’s pretty flat going across the mid west. It does sound like Saturday and Sunday will be hot and sunny so, lots of water when you’re out walking! Have fun!!

On August 24th, and as predicted by Nora, we're back on Canadian soil!! Read on!!
Well, we’re back across the border into Ontari-ari-ari-o!! We are now in Windsor, Ontario. A mere 800 km from home! What a ride this has been. After trudging along, enjoying the scenery across Nebraska and Iowa, wasn’t it exciting to make our way into Chicago?! The “Windy City” is pleasantly surprising, but the best part was detouring to Northbrook, Illinois on Wednesday evening for a Melodeers rehearsal! Wow..........wasn’t it grand to be in the hall of the 7-time International Champions?!?! It was inspiring to observe each members’ focus and dedication. The energy exuded by the group was captivating. Talk about “all-in”. But you know, they’re just like us........some career women, some housewives, some younger women, some older, long-time members and newbies, all sharing their love of music and working toward the common goals. And guess what.......many of them have a difficult time falling asleep after their weekly chorus rehearsal, too!!!

Team Spring/Summer was way out in front last week, covering a distance of 753.68 kilometres. Mind you, Belinda FINALLY submitted her total for the first four weeks! Thanks, Bill........glad to have your numbers! Team Fall/Autumn walked 558.83 kilometers and Team Winter made it a mere 334.96 kilometres. We had fewer walkers last week but hey, life happens and the weather sometimes influences what we’re able to do. No give it your best. Even though it’s been hot and humid this past week, I’m pretty sure the push to make it home will have all of us walking just a little further and, by now, maybe just a little faster and easier (than we were four weeks ago). Congratulations to each member for the time and effort you are committing to ensuring that you will be “ready” for Vegas in every way possible!

Keep walking and I’ll see you on Tuesday!
Have we made it back on time for chorus rehearsal tonight????? Sign in walkers! And keep watching this spot blog readers - the latest and greatest will be posted here again soon!!
JD Crowe

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