Thursday, August 06, 2015

Stamina is our middle name!

Wish I could say it is a glow but it is in fact plain and simple perspiration! Who am I kidding – we’re sweating! It’s even showing up in our ballads and you know what that means – we are more consistently putting the same level of energy in our ballads as we are in our uptunes! And that is smart work!! Way to go CSC sisters!

This past Tuesday’s dueting was impressive! Leads and Baris were up first – Basses and Tenors sat out and became the most supportive and attentive audience around! And the Leads and Baris reciprocated for our foundation and icing voice parts. Watching our singers confidently perform and hold their own surrounded by gaps on the risers shows they’ve done their individual homework; it shows how they can adapt, how proud they are and how committed they are to one another – to the chorus. Every rep, every tool we’ve been provided with, every rip that ends in a high five or a woo-hoo moves us that much closer to realizing our dream!

Next week is a large one! We have two amazing nights with world class choreographer and coach, Erin Howden! We are ready for you Erin – we’re not out to impress you – we’re beyond that – you just will be! ;-) We are excited and anxious to show you how far we’ve actually come!

Our Walk to Vegas campaign has taken off like wildfire and is doing the trick! Our stamina is building! Pedometers are clicking all over the place! It’s exciting too to see so many – such as I – taking it to the next level and embarking on a rigorous fitness program and regime to ensure we are the best we can be (not to mention to look the best ever in our awesome red costumes!!!!)

2872 steps so far today and counting (I do have a deskjob!!). We were in virtual Tulsa Oklahoma last week – I wonder where we will be this week when Nora reports on our progress and cumulative mileage! Venture a guess! :)

What a life! How lucky are we to be members of Canadian Showtime Chorus – in this wonderful world of Sweet Adelines International!

JD Crowe

Chorus Candids
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