Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sizzling Hot!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 – July record high at 33 degrees C – add 45% humidity to that and you have yourself one heck of a hot day! Combine that with the energy and passion of a dedicated bunch of Canadian Showtime Chorus singers and you have yourself one sizzling hot night in Ottawa!

Anyone who knows anyone in my beloved Canadian Showtime Chorus knows that we are on a journey of a lifetime! Not unlike thousands of Sweet Adelines around the world, barbershop harmony, this organization, the joy of singing and learning, this sisterhood is a part of being. Sounds like a cliché but it’s true - it is so much more than a hobby! It is a passion! And we are enjoying every minute of this ride.

Our journey to Las Vegas started in April 2014 when we earned our highest score ever on our trusted and familiar stage at the Malloy Auditorium in Syracuse New York. With a score of 701 – yes I said it – 701 – we came in second to the 4-time world champions North Metro! That score of 701 – just love the ring of it – earned us a wildcard spot on the International stage in Las Vegas in October of 2015!

Sitting here today, it feels like forever since we achieved our all-time best score! It took days – maybe weeks – to come down from cloud 9! And there we were, thinking, a whole 18 months to prepare for the international stage – piece of cake! Ha! Think again my friends! J

One could say that this incredible journey began when the official wildcard invitation came from Sweet Adelines International! Our master director 700, Sandie Nason (she got that title from us earning 701! Oops! Said it again!!) and her team of coaches selected new music; coaching dates were booked; videos of past contest were viewed;  costuming decisions were made, learning tracks were laid – and relaid – and relaid again – as the music came off the page, got moulded and tailored to fit us. Much reflection and pondering ensued!

How did we make that jump and break through the 700 ceiling; what did it take – commitment – determination – hard work – smart work – individual commitment? All of those and more! Ever since, we have stepped up our game – kept the learning of the notes and words outside the hall and kept our together time for refining and fine tuning and continued learning at a much higher and nit-picky level - got to know the characters in our songs – we starting thinking like her – no need to BE her – just had to think like her and make our audience believe we ARE her! And I have to say, she is growing on us! I see her on the risers during our lively physical warm ups! I see her in the ballad! I see her in the uptune! And I have to say – she is one Las Vegas Diva extraordinaire!!

We are on the home stretch! The international stage in Las Vegas is a mere 9-weeks of regular rehearsals on home ground away. Our coaching sessions with Sandie, Joe Connolly and Erin Howden will round off the package and then we’re gone! This sizzling heat and our Walk To Vegas campaign is going to help build our stamina and prepare us for that stage of all stages at the Garden Arena at the MGM Grand first on October 8th in the semis and then on October 10th in the finals! That’s right – not scared of it! We are aiming to go through yet another ceiling! Viva Las Vegs baby!! Canadian Showtime Chorus is on fire!!!!!!

It’s been a while since I yelled it from the rooftops so here goes 

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