Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Stamina Building!!!!

Canadian Showtime’s first rehearsal yesterday was smooth as butter – from physical warm-up all the way through to our last huddle and pearls from Sandie! 

We were rehearsing on the international risers in a great room on the 3rd floor of the Convention Center – right next door to North Metro! The walls were thin so the sound was bleeding from one room to the next. This was an incredible exercise in focus! When talking with some of our North Metro friends later, they said they worked it the same way as us – “okay, there not singing this minute – blow the pitch and hit it out of the park!” LOL!! It was exciting – in fact, not only did the sound bleed through so did the energy! Egging one another on! It was electric!! And that’s a good thing!!!! 

Hearty lunches, lots of water and some down time all around as we had the parade of flags, opening ceremonies and another rehearsal at 6 pm. Very proud of our very own Aileen and Wendy (our flag designer) who paraded with grace across the international stage. Our two sided flag looked beautiful – very proud - way to represent ladies! 

Rehearsal two on flat floor was as magical as the first. We are in the zone! It is so exciting to feel the progression from one rehearsal to the next! Our product is sound – our ALL IN is paying off! Thanks to all of our guests who sat and cheered through portions of our rehearsals today - that in itself is a great help! The sweet treats and well wishes delivered from our Melodeers friends was greatly appreciated too!

So today is another grand day – the sun rose gently over the mountains and the city and - by all reports on Facebook - CSC gals are rising and shining throughout the MGM Grand! It takes commitment and our individual personal best to bring it all home – git ‘er done girlfriends and see you in the room early for a stretch and a bubble and on the risers at 9 sharp! Maintain your focus throughout – get in the zone! All for one and one for all! You’ve got this chums!!!

All in Canadian Showtime Chorus – all in!!!!!

JD Crowe

Chorus Candids
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