Thursday, May 26, 2011

Carnegie Hall - CSC has arrived

Traffic was the culprit! We didn't arrive at the Barclay Intercontinental until close to 8 pm!! We gathered in the lobby while our esteemed team leader Belinda collected our room keys! It is an opulent lobby with many nooks and crannies and cozy couches are dotted around! Felt like the perfect place to break into song. We treated our fellow guests to our rendison of Lazy Days! It was just like one of those internet Flash Mobs! Many people around were calling someone - holding their phones up so the person at the other end could hear! The smiles were contagious! We were astounded when one of our fellow guests came over to talk to some of the gals! Her look is very distintive and could not be mistaken! Prize winning Canadian author Margaret Atwood is in town promoting her latest book. And she came to talk to US!!!!! I asked if I could take a picture! She graciously said yes! Janet, Mary and Nancy N had the honor and I then took one of her and Sandie alone (the photographer always misses out!!). What a treat!

Suitcases were hauled up to our tastefully appointed rooms and partially unpacked. A quick freshen up and most headed out to explore this amazing looking city! A few took in the Empire state Building tour while others went meandering in search of a meal and a drink! Conscious of our responsibilities as performers starting tomorrow, most were planning on an early night!

9 am start tomorrow with the show producers attending our first rehearsal!

No WiFi in the room so keep watching this spot! I will make my way to the lobby tomorrow to start uploading pictures!

Now - park that bus! We're staying for a while!!!!

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