Thursday, April 26, 2012

Region 16 Convention 2012 - April 26

I see them - I hear them - can't wait to hug them! Many of the Canadian Showtime gals have arrived. Alynne, our CCL is handing out keys, programs and AEB's like hotcakes! They are going fast! From Facebook posts, I can tell that many hit the road late - they will be here soon too!!   Our chorus leaders Sandie (director); Belinda (Team Leader) and Alynne (CCL) as well as our competing quartets Phoenix Rising, High Definition and Beaujolais will be attending an appreciation reception at the Crowne Plaza in a couple of hours, will hand in all required forms to get us on that glorious stage tomorrow and Saturday and will attend a Briefing to get the latest scoop on pick-up times and other details for contest day! Listen up - take notes and convey the most important of messages!    It's electric! The adrenaline is flowing and from the outside one would think - heck - there is no way you are going to shut that tap off! Speeding down the highway - no way to stop! The buzz is on - we can't wait to see one another - recount adventures and tell border crossing stories - maybe some will turn into fish stories - maybe some won't! But there is one thing for sure! By morning - our quartets will be in the zone! Respectfully, we will give them their space and allow them to prepare for their stage time. With love, admiration and enthousiasm we will cheer them onto the stage and mob them as they return to the auditorium. How proud are we! And by the time CSC leaves the quartet contest and begins its first on site rehearsal at the Plymouth Church, we will come together as a chorus - as a unit - as a family - and do what we do best! Make beautiful music together!   It's not about the destination - it is all about how you get there! And so far, the sceenic route has been worth the detour! Stretch out CSC ladies and reach for the stars!!   Did I happen to mention how I love this hobby??? JD

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