Monday, April 22, 2013

In the blink of an eye - it is over! The journey continues!!

We were up early - had a nice breakfast at the Parkview and made our way to the Plymouth Congregational Church for our final rehearsal before hitting the stage!!

The energy was electric! Some of the Canadian Showtime Chorus members already had their false eyelashes on - some of us need a little extra time to get use to the feel of them - others had a coat or two of foundation on and a few had their hair in curlers or in an undo already!! Several of us had our make-up kit, costume and shoes packed as well as we worked in a capacity or other at contest! We got ready backstage at intermission and awaited the arrival of the chorus ... one of the  most exciting moments of the day is seeing those red dresses come down the hall to the mirror room where we volunteers switch gears and become members of this incredible chorus for a precious 6 minutes on stage!!

The pitch was blown and from the very first note we sang I knew this was going to be a spectacular performance!! We were one with the stage, stuck to Sandie like glue and connected to one another through overtones!! It felt amazing!! We were rewarded with spontaneous and immediate standing O's from the audience after each song!! We delivered the plan and it felt fantastic! We didn't need to ask Sandie when we got off the stage how we did - we knew! We nailed it!! We gave it our all!!

We were competitor 18 (for evaluation only as we were the outgoing regional champs) so we had a full afternoon of music!! Region 16 has incredible talent - magnificient talent!! The extra special treat of the afternoon was watching our world champions North Metro Chorus perform their toy soldier package! They are absolutely and truly in a league of their own. They inspire and motivate us all to reach for the stars! And to think that we get to experience Hawaii with them in November! Pinch me someone - I think I might be dreaming!!

With an impressive 660 points, our new Regional Champs 2013 are Buffalo Gateway Chorus. As outgoing champs, we got to form an Arch of Love and sang them out of the auditorium to their awaiting buses. We handed them little gifts of love as they passed through the arch and we sang Can You Feel The Love Tonight as they walked down the corridor! Their was not a dry eye in the house!! What a special moment!

We met at the foot of the escalators and waited for Sandie to collect our score sheets!  Being an evaluation year we did not get a score but we got a level - and a level we did get!! We got what we were after! It brought Sandie and many of us to tears - tears of joy and excitement! We have worked hard for this - this was a recognition of that dedicated and focused energy! This was the affirmation that we needed to confirm that we are working on the right things  - that we are going down the right road - the road that will lead us to the top of the heap!! How sweet it is!!

This set the tone for the evening! We went back to the hotel, did a quick outfit switch and jumped right back on buses to take us to the Oncenter to a beautifully appointed dinner hall where we shared an evening of good food, good company and joy. A proper send-off for the 8 choruses that leave Region 16 and move over to Region 15! There were tears - hugs - and very tender moments! It is hard to see them go but we are connected through music - the bond will remain!  I know exactly how I will keep up with all of my departing friends!! Facebook! I love my Facebook!!!!

As tradition has it, after we returned to the hotel - the group sing began! Room 500 became party central and we sang, laughed and played until close to dawn!! After a quick tidy up and partial packing, this blogger laid her head down on her pillow somewhere around 5:15 ... sure made for a rude awakening when the alarm went off at 7 am!! But it's a tradition and I would have it no other way!!

Had a wrap up meeting with the Convention Team at 9 - got all business sorted and shed a few more tears as we said goodbye to 6 team members moving on to Region 15! Luckily my roomies had loaded the car so 10:30 am saw us buckled up and ready to head to the Cracker Barrel in Cicero - another one of our traditions! It is the last opportunity to connect with Sweet Adelines from all over the region as we all head home - one more hug - one more song and one mega brunch to see us on our way!!

Consider this your initiation CSC newbies! This was the opening act for Hawaii in November! Hold on to your leis!! We are going to a hula've a time! There is no question in my mind - we are on our way! Yes yes yes! I believe! We have what it takes and we are going for it!! I BELIEVE!!!!

OMG OMG OMG - how I love this hobby!!


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