Thursday, June 20, 2013

Recently Released! Love is ....

Love is a creative mind; Love is a musicians sole; Love is the privilege of working with a talented sound technician; Love is recording and putting out a CD. Love is a fabulous CD release party with family and friends in our very own rehearsal hall!!

Those of you who follow this blogger will remember how in late summer 2012 we turned our regular rehearsal hall into a recording studio. Granted, with the quilts hanging around the room three weeks running it looked more like laundry day than recording day, but it was effective. The end result was magic.

With the raw chorus tracks down, our soloists and quartets spent time in a true recording studio to finish the work on all songs. It was an intricate process and the end result is a delight. Not all songs made it on this CD but you can be sure that there will be more opportunities - so stand by!

It takes many hands, many hours and much dedication to put out a CD and what better way to thank the chorus members, our friends and family supporters than to throw a CD launch party! We are a working chorus and our journey to Hawaii continues so we decided to squeeze an hours rehearsal in before we began the celebration. Try to find a Sweet Adeline Chorus that doesn't crank up the energy when there is a live audience to turn on the performer - it's impossible. The ladies of Canadian Showtime Chorus were in grand form and did not disappoint their audience. An audience comprised of former members, fellow Sweet Adeline sisters from across town, family and friends! How exciting to see them mouth WOW at the end of each performance! Our hard work is obvious and I am so proud to be a member of this chorus.

Check out our website for more information at or contact any one of our members to purchase a copy of our CD. Don't miss out!!

And the journey continues!! We have major coaching on the horizon! We are excited with our progress to date - the team is strong - the energy is high - the character is vibrant and we believe! 

Love is .... a CD by Canadian Showtime Chorus. Love is .... what I feel for this hobby - my chorus - my Sweet Adelines!!

JD Crowe
CD Recording session!! Guilts Studio!!
Our Master Director Sandie on CD Release Party Night

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