Saturday, November 02, 2013

Canadian Showtime - AIRBOURNE

Tuesday the 29th was Canadian Showtime’s last@home rehearsal. There were many gaps in the risers as many of our members’ are already in Hawaii – some are cruising around the islands – some are exploring on land! The rest of us gathered to have one last sing – one last look at afew key  spots in our package – one last chance to hug and giggle together and say is this for real! You bet it is! We are ready for the international stage!

The work-week for this blogger ended at 4:30 pm sharp on Hallowe'en day. With a clean desk, vacation alerts on my phone and computer and an email to colleagues giving webcast details out of the way, I shifted gears and became JD – the Canadian Showtime Chorus member!

Living 15 minutes from the airport, my home became grand central station for my roomies last night! Nothing like a sleepover to kick-start this journey! Nicky, Belinda and Gail arrived in high spirits –rolling in bag, after bag, after bag!! Thank goodness we had the good sense to order a van to pick us up at 3:40 am – hubby was willing to drive us to the airport but there is no car trunk big enough to handle this lot!

Did you pack everything on our chorus checklist? Do you have your passport? What time are you setting the alarm for? Can you believe the day has finally come? What are you wearing to travel? Look at my comfy neck pillow!  I have one of those – where is it – I can’t find it!! Mikey!!!! Where is my neck pillow? Should we stay up all night? Who wants a glass of wine!! We answered and confirmed all questions and wisely decided after a glass of wine that yes indeed going to bed was a good idea! 

We arrived at the airport in a heavy downpour but even that wasn’t going to dampen any spirits this morning. We walked in and immediately spotted dots of red all over the place. Over twenty passengers in line are Canadian Showtime Chorus members and friends. Everyone looked surprisingly alert and cheery for 4 am! United Airline staff quite efficient checked us through. Can’t say I am surprised that several had overweight bags – mine included (it’s the shoes – but a girl has to do what a girl has to do!!!!).  With large bags checked and carry-ons laden with costumes and dance shoes safely at our sides, we made our way through security and then customs. We are traveling with newlyweds (yes – this is doubling as their honeymoon) and the bride Carol set off the alarm going through security! That new hip of hers is getting loads of attention!!

With flowers in our hair (Jeff the new groom too!!), we are Chicago bound. ORD being a hub city, we anticipate running into other SweetAdelines going to Hawaii! Some of our Melodeers sisters perhaps – or some North Metro gals up from Toronto!?! Come one come all!

Quiet so far – give us an hour! The singing is bound to begin! Flash mob singing on the next leg of the journey! With this lot – anything can happen!

You may ask, what kind of hobby do you have – one that takes me places – one of harmony – one  of joy!  Wow – how I love my hobby!

JD Crowe

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