Saturday, November 02, 2013

We're Here - Canadian Showtime invades Hilton Hawaiian Village

The November 1st 6:00 am crew out of Ottawa has arrived! We had an easy flight from YOW (Ottawa) to ORD (Chicago) - we world travelers use airport call signs you know! Many had a power nap despite quivers when we were told our carry on bags had to be sky checked! 'But we are meant to keep our costumes with us!' 'We are Sweet Adeline international competitors.' We need our costumes!!!' Of course, sky checking is perfectly safe and we were quickly reunited with our bags once we landed at ORD! So the quivering was for not!! To celebrate, we broke into song! Yes - we broke into song on the ramp - you knew it was going to happen!  Honestly, I was amazed that we waited until 7 am to start singing really!!

We made our way to gate B17 and found a great little restaurant that served an amazing breakfast! With a nap under our belt, and slightly tighter belts from breakfast, we settled at the gate! Like magic, every possible device came out of bags and pockets! iPads, iPods, laptops, androids …. and sighs of disappointed as none could connect to free wi-fi! We roamed and chatted instead and met a number of Sweet Adelines from London Ontario Chorus. Of course, we became fast friends - cause that's what Sweet Adelines do!!

And finally we got the call - boarding groups 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 - we're going to Honolulu!! As expected there were many other Sweet Adelines on our flight. Everyone was buzzing with excitement. The journey was smooth, the seats were comfy, the company was great and without hassle, we crossed the great USA and Pacific Ocean and landed at Honolulu on time! The first glimpses of the island were spectacular and the excited grew exponentially from there!!

With luggage in hand, Canadian Showtime members made their way to shuttles - my roomies and I picked up our jeeps and made our way through rush hour traffic to the beautiful and exquisite Hilton Hawaiian Village! It was balmy hot, with a gentle breeze and sporadic outbursts of mist every 15 to 20 minutes! Now I am liking that! Quite refreshing and makes for beautiful rainbows ! I know - sounds like paradise doesn't it. It kind of is!

We settled in a generous size room in Diamond Head Tower, got our bathing suits on and made straight  for the pool! We started seeing Sweet Adelines all over the place. After cooling down, we changed for dinner and made our way to the beach! How nice of them to greet us with fireworks! I know!! Pretty special! We got caught in another outburst - more of downpour this time - got our table at the beach restaurant and had a late dinner! More and more and more connections with our Canadian Showtime girls that have been here for a few days - so our world is quickly becoming complete!!

We eventually called it a night and here I am - up at 4 am - posting pictures on Facebook - sitting in a little dark corner of the room - writing a blog instalment while my roomies catch a few extra winks!! 

Pinch me now - yup - it's still real!! Looking forward to a day of exploring and learning more about the cultures of these beautiful islands!

Safe travels to all in the skies today! It is so worth the journey!!

Still so in love with my hobby!! 

JD Crowe xo

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