Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Love Is! Region 16 Pep Rally!!

The day’s prerequisites included coffee and tea on the balcony, pool time, sandwiches in the room and then the gathering of stuff – rehearsal shoes, water bottles, lubricated and warmed voices, energy and controlled excitement! Yesterday was a large day highlighted by a gathering of sisters in harmony, proud competitors, family and friends from Region 16!

South Pacific 3, Canadian Showtime’s rehearsal room at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, was the hub of activity. As we rode the long escalator to the 7th floor, we could hear ringing – sweet tones – the familiar. It was Enroute – one of Region 16’s wildcard competing quartets! The family is coming together. Then came the sea of red – CSC gals are in the house – then dots of yellow and black – North Metro is here! In came Running with Scissors – another of Region 16’s wildcard competing quartets – and One Track Mind our reigning quartet champs - many, many Region 16 members here to support their competitors and last but certainly not least Spritzer – our top ten international representatives! Our CSC family and friends round off the package! There had to be close to 300 people in that room!

The love, joy and pride of our fabulous Region could be felt through the buzz and excitement. It was electric! We wanted everyone in the room before getting on with the festivities so Canadian Showtime and North Metro gathered side by each and sang Lazy Day! We blew the roof off! I was so proud to sing next to the amazing and world-renowned North Metro choreographer and innovator Erin Howden and my Convention Team partner in crime and amazing North Metro front row performer Shelley Snoulten. What an empowering moment!

And then we were one! Cathy Stovold, Region 16’s Marketing Coordinator stood on a chair to get our attention and got the pep rally going!  She welcomed everyone and congratulated all competitors.  The singing went like this – Enroute, Running with Scissors, One Track Mind and Spritzer. They were all amazing – so ready.  What amazing ambassadors. We are very proud of them all and wish them the best of luck in the semis. Way to represent!!

Next it was time for Canadian Showtime to bring it on!  Sandie pulled us in, gave us our usual pep talk and launched us into our contest ballad Time After Time! She had us in the palm of her hands. We took ownership of that ballad and felt it to the core of our being. It is when we reached divine and that our audience took a breath of anticipation with us that we knew we had them and that they were coming along for the sweet ride! It was magical!

And then came the tears! June Dale, world champion chorus director, got up to speak. Through her tears she spoke to Sandie as a friend and fellow director – telling her how proud she was to share in this hobby with her – thanking her for helping her re-live hers and North Metro’s experience in Denver last year when they became world champions! She told us that they did not go in to win – they went in to do what they knew they could do! How familiar – Sandie and coach Joe and coach Erin tell us that all the time!!

Because North Metro won’t see us compete on Thursday, as they will be in the traffic pattern too, Sandie decided it was fitting for us to perform our uptune Beautiful Doll. We did and we wowed!! Our supportive and loving audience blew the roof off South Pacific 3!! OMG OMG OMG!

How can we have a full room of Sweet Adelines and not end with a mass sing! Can You Feel The Love – how fitting! We formed a circle of love and sang. I managed to get through half of the song and then the tears flowed freely! It came from seeing the love on all the faces around us – it came from the pride and joy I feel for this organization, Region 16 and my beloved Canadian Showtime Chorus! How blessed and fortunate am I?

The pep rally was immediately followed by a CSC rehearsal.  Erin stayed behind for a while and mid song, in strolled larger than life coach Joe Connelly! We had an AMAZING rehearsal (I know – I am using that word a lot – and how can I not - because it is!!!!). We are so ready … and we have 2 days to go before the really really big show!!  OMG OMG OMG!!

We are surrounded here by majestic mountains and a serene sea! The force of nature is evident! It’s powerful – it’s inspiring – it’s Canadian Showtime embodied!!!

Today belongs to our competing quartets! Facebook tells me that some of them have been up for a couple of hours. Their excitement is building. We will see you there between rehearsals girlfriends! You will wow!  You are all champions in my eyes!!

On to wake the roomies! Time to get this show on the road – Canadian Showtime style!

JD Crowe

Chorus Candids
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