Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Gotta Love that First Rehearsal!!

OMG OMG OMG – We’re all here!!

As of last night, all members of Canadian Showtime Chorushave arrived in Honolulu! The team is complete – and that’s a great feeling!

Yesterday was a day for gathering! The South Pacific 3 room is in the conference center smack in the middle of the Hilton HawaiianVillage.  Follow the signs to the Luau – take the escalators to the 3rd floor and you’ll hear the ringing!  Our efficient team lead made provisions and posted members at various points along the route to make sure that gathering was easy!!

The first rehearsal on site is always the most special for me! It is the first time that we are all together – a moment where hugs are flying high! Dedication is someone that lands and rolls her suitcase straight to rehearsal before checking into her room. And that’s exactly what our PR Coordinator Nancy did!!

All Events Badges (AEB’s) were handed out, water bottles were filled, Sandie greeted us with words of wisdom and instructions on how to care for our vocal chords!  We then launched into our favorite physical warm up to Katy Perry’s ROAR!  A vocal warm-up followed and we were then all Sandie’s.

Not surprisingly, we were immediately in the zone – our focus was razor sharp – the ringing sound was immediate!  This is our 5thtime at International and this was by far the best first rehearsal we have ever had! The intros and tags were solid right out of the gate, the dueting showed off our skills, the unit sound was immaculate and the runs with the choreo was the icing on the cake! Rehearsing on a flat floor is never easy but we managed it with aplomb!

Today our master director extraordinaire Sandie and our teamlead magnificient Belinda head off to the technical briefing at the Convention Center. They will come back with additional traffic pattern and stage time information. They will hand in all paperwork and get all administrative details cleared and out of the way.  Now breath!!

And then it’s the Regional Pep Rally! What a magical moment that will be! Region 16 has four competing quartets (One Track Mind, Running with Scissors, Enroute and Spritzer), one competing chorus (Us!!!!!! Yay us!!!!!!) and one outgoing world champion chorus (North Metro – wow wow wow!!!). The rehearsal that will immediately follow said Pep Rally is going to be electric!! Stay tuned for a recount of that one my friends!! And then Coach Joe is in the house! OMG OMG OMG!!!

Let’s rock and roll girlfriends! What a gorgeous day ahead – in more ways than one!!

Can one be in love with an organization! Yup – cause I’m in love with SAI and CSC!!

JD Crowe

Chorus Candids
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