Monday, November 04, 2013

Island Adventures!!

Is Facebook not a wonderful thing! I can tell from status updates when people are arriving, what they have been doing and where they are heading to next.

My fellow Jeepersisters and I have had an amazing couple of days touring the incredible Oahu Island in jeep wranglers – one red – one black! We sported red and white Canada bandana’s to look the part! What it did for us was make us identifiable – and so very popular with the locals!

Our first day took us to the Polynesian Cultural Centre. What an incredible experience – we were exposed to multiple culture’s food, dance and music! It was spectacular. As we explained to the staff and the many visitors why we were in Hawaii we’d be invited to sing! We were a hit at the entrance of the Centre and were rewarded with bead necklaces presented to us by the staff. The few times that we got split up in the Centre we’d have staff and strangers say – oh – the Canadian bandana girls – your other three are in Tahiti!! How fun is that!! We ran into several other Canadian Showtime sisters who were at the Center on a guided tour. They raved about the Luau and the night show!

The drive back along the coast was spectacular! The mountains are majestic, the vegetation is lush and the ocean roars and rolls in hues of green and blue! The Windy Coast is appropriately named as it churns and tosses waves on the golden sand. Even with the occasional cloud and the odd sprinkling of rain, it is heaven!

We found our way to the North Shore on day two and nestled on Sunset Beach for a stretch. We played in the surf – we didn’t catch any waves but man oh man did they catch us! We laughed and played like kids and caught more than one Kodak moment! After an hour we were completely wiped out, made our way back to the jeeps and headed for the world famous Giovanni’s – the best shrimp truck on the island! That garlic shrimp is to die for!

Facebook reported snorkeling adventures, whale watching adventures, hiking up Diamond Head, swimming with dolphins, moving into convention hotels from other locations and arrivals from home!!

Settling by the Super Pool after returning the jeeps was like being in the middle of a Where’s Waldo book – eeee – there’s Nora – aaaaa– Val, Kathy, Doris – are here! OMG – Jackie – we’re over here!!! Happy birthday Jackie!! You picked the best place for a birthday celebration!!

Dinner plans were made and we finally connected with our director Sandie Nason! She had a great day of shopping and wandering and joined a group of us for dinner at a most entertaining Japanese restaurant right here in the village.

And ALL of us will be getting into the zone by late afternoon as we gather for our first rehearsal! We will be missing a few gals still but most will be here! It is a moment I have been itching for now for a couple of days. It is time for some serious singing – connecting – and getting into the zone! The Island touring is over – now we are Canadian Showtime Chorus! Put your touring shoes down and pick yourselves up – you’ve got the eye of the tiger – fighter dancing through the fire – cause you are a champion – Hawaii’s gonna hear us ROAR!!!!!

Love love love … everything about my life and this hobby!

JD Crowe

Chorus Candids
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