Monday, September 07, 2015

Count 'em ... 3 weekends before Vegas!!!

It’s all come down to this!

The weekend that many parents saw kids off to college or university and/or made last minute arrangements for at-home kids back-to-school days too!

It’s also the weekend that many likely got their hair coloured and/or trimmed so that it is just so for their big moment on stage in a few short weeks – some may have booked manicures/pedicures for a little bit closer to the date – could have gone through closets to decide what summer clothes would get packed for Vegas – checked make-up kits – checked chorus shoes, hose, jewelry and double checked costumes to ensure perfection – and finally, that little something special that makes every Canadian Showtime Chorus member a star, a dedicated member to the team and the cause, with a ready to live by our “All In” attitude – they rep’ed music and choreo while housecleaning, walking, lounging, biking and throughout all of those other activities that are contributing to their fitness and good health regime! They are doing it for their chorus sisters – their director – their coaches – their supportive families and friends - for themselves!

We are honoured and proud to have been given the opportunity to represent Lake Ontario Region 16 at the International Competition at Vegas 1. The last 18-months of preparation has been an incredible journey of self-discovery, growth, learning, team building, trust and awareness! It's been hard work and we believe – we fit in – and humbly and bravely we say – yes – we are that good!! How lucky are we to be part of this incredible Canadian Showtime Chorus.

This blogger also took advantage of this long weekend to recharge the batteries. As I write this at around 6 pm, it is 30oC with 51% humidity. It is a mere 34oC with 23% in Vegas!! Keep walking sisters!!! Chorus conditioning needs to continue to ensure we are not adversely affected by the desert heat!

We have a large couple of weeks ahead! Our big brother Joe Connelly will be in the house next weekend – Friday night (11th) and all day Saturday (12th)!! We’ve been working hard and smart and we can’t wait to show him what we’ve got!! We’ll absorb and internalize whatever embellishment or polish he applies at our regular chorus rehearsal the following week and on Saturday the 26th we’ll have a coaching retreat day with our very own Master Director 700 Sandie Nason. This is the day that everything will fall into place! We know from past experience that this becomes a magical day; emotional to some degree, as we feel it all come together – it gels then sets as an extension to our very being - our “All In”!

Mark Tuesday, September 29th as treat night on your calendar. We invite you to our guest night! We will be performing our night one and night two packages for family and friends – our farewell performance as we start our individual travel to Vegas the next few days that follow!! You don’t want to miss this! We are pumped – we are primed – we are ALL IN!!!!

Viva Las Vegas Baby!
JD Crowe

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