Sunday, September 27, 2015

A-Level Chorus? You better believe it!!

True sign that a chorus is an A-Level chorus? It takes risks – it believes in its abilities – it makes bold decisions! That’s right, Canadian Showtime Chorus made a significant change TWO weeks from the final at-home rehearsal. It takes trust in your director and coaches – it takes confidence but most of all it takes individual personal commitment to pull off such a big change so close to contest! Boy, has this Team ever proven itself to be all that and a bag of chips!! 

We had our final coaching day with our very own master director 700 Sandie Nason yesterday and let me tell you it was pretty spectacular and magical!! Sandie is a demonstrator extraordinaire and through her modeling we have added yet another layer to the characters of our songs. The energy coming from the risers and the front row was enough to raise the roof. We are not wearing rehearsal t-shirts that say “I am a character” for nothing!!!! The best morning ever!

The tail end of the afternoon was all about finishing work – turn ins and outs, picture poses, walk-ons and walk-offs – that extra polish that adds to your confidence – pulls you together as a Team!

We worked hard and smart yesterday and at the end sat down on the risers to recap the day knowing we had given it our all, knowing we had pulled it together in true Team style and recognized that without our ALL IN attitude, we would not have accomplished all that we did in such a short period of time!! I could not be prouder of who we are, what we have created together and where this journey is taking us!

Final announcements for the day had everything to do with do’s and don’t! Do pack your costumes, scaffolding, earrings, shoes and make-up in your carry-on – do not risk being left in the audience in Vegas because your suitcase got lost! Do remain true to our reputation of being nice Canadian girls but do NOT bring her on stage ;-) … we want that other character up there instead!! J Do take care of your health – do hug your families and thank them for their support – do not undertake major projects and risk injury – do bring your friends and family to our send-off show the 29th!!

So this is where we are at!! Come see us on Tuesday! You will help us keep our game face on – we in turn will entertain you!

It’s been a while since I’ve said – this is so much more than a hobby – it’s a passion! I love love love my hobby! I love my Canadian Showtime Chorus!

Viva Las Vegas Baby!!

JD Crowe

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