Saturday, October 03, 2015

Feeling the Love!!

We host our Family & Friends send-off nights in our own rehearsal hall at the Nepean Creative Arts Center! Seems fitting – that is where we became the Canadian Showtime Chorus that we are – that is where we leave our families foron Tuesday nights and coaching days – no better PLACE to show off our newly acquired skills to those who have supported us throughout our journey!!

Given there are nearly a hundred of us bringing at least one guest (and more likely 3+), we put on two shows for our supporters! The 8 o’clock crowd filled the room to the rafters!  We always have kids sitting on the floor – this time we had a full row of adults down there too! Sandie’s interaction with the audience turns the evening into a true family affair – she explains how we got here, what the remainder of our journey to the international stage will be like, she continues to share her pearls of wisdom with us, she encourages us to give more – she and we become one! Of course the biggest challenge here is focus – so easy to get distracted! We want to catch our guest’s eye, to let them know we are excited to see them there, thank them for coming! We want to make them proud! Sandie reels us in – right there – that spot – that X – right over her heart! Breathe!

We went through it all! The walk-on – the announcement - “We are ready for our next contestant. Please take the nearest seat! Contestant number 4 – from Ottawa Ontario Canada – under the direction of Sandie Nason – Canadian Showtime Chorus!!!” Woohooo – applause applause applause – butterflies – excitement – pride and joy!! It was awesome! I particularly loved how many of the family members – including many of the kids – knew the words to several of our songs! You know what that means – they are hearing their Sweet Adeline working on her music at home – and THAT’s a good thing!!! J

And set two at 8:45 was equally uplifting! In fact, we were so totally in the zone – the chills and goose bumps abounded!! We need to thank our loved ones for their support and understanding of our passion! We are who we are because of this amazing hobby that we share. How lucky are we!

Facebook has been a buzz all week! Packing – some just started – some putting the finishing touches on it! A few Sweet Adelines have travelled to Vegas early to vacation with a loved one or friends before rehearsals and other commitments kick in but most of the harmonious traffic will occur today, tomorrow and throughout the weekend! I sit here at gate 17, patiently waiting to board my flight to Toronto – then on to Vegas! I arrive there mid-day and expect to bump into friends the minute I land – if not at the airport or in the lobby, I’ll no doubt find some bathing beauties by the pool!

Safe travels friends! Keep calm and just do it! Can’t wait to hug you all! To the MGM Grand staff – get ready for a treat! We are music to your ears!

JD Crowe

Chorus Candids
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